A little Unity game I made, Mission ID 2700

Hey anyone who's interested, I made a vector ass vector game in Unity over the course of 2 months for a project for school. An independent study specifically so I was given a lot of freedom over what specifically the project would be so I decided on Unity, since I had heard it was the Indie Engine of choice in a Quick Look, I decided on Vector Graphics to compensate for me having no modeling skills and I decided on a game where you, a robot, shoot at bad robots. Abominations the game calls them. I've had a basic idea of gunplay where you and most of your enemies could only shoot in compass directions for a while now. I've always liked the idea because in it lining up your shots and avoiding enemy fire are 2 sides of the same coin. I find it interesting. I also wrote a bunch of programming humor into screens between each of the 16 levels I made. I think they're funny. I have no idea if they're actually funny.

I call it MissionID 2700. Quick word of warning, might be a bit hard. Sorry about that.

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Posted by michaelenger

That was really not bad for a first game. The use of the arrow keys as action keys was ...odd, but I got used to it quickly and I guess it makes sense if you think of them as the 4 face buttons on a game pad. If you're interested in working more on it I'd like to see some sort of damage indicator when I'm hit, my ship flashing red or something, but the gameplay works and the addition of code snippets to explain the enemies was cute.

I liked the style, as you can get away with lacking detail when using basic vectors, but adding particle effects would probably help make it seem cooler (think Geometry Wars).