The songs/levels I'm working on

So recently I decided, for good measure, to make my next 5 (assuming I do that many, having done 2 so far though here's hoping) each using items of each album exclusively. That'll give me some good practice limiting my tool set and having to work with some objects I may just ignore otherwise. I've started (barely) building the first, the Hello, Robot song and have a pretty solid (I think) design laid out as well as come up with some ideas for the other 4. So what are they going to be? No one asked me, but I want to tell anyway! Hence blog. Here goes!

Hello, Robot's will be called Hello, Pantheon and will focus on nature and spirituality in a way. Plan there is to first show nature in sync with spirituality, but slowly changing such that nature becomes less and less welcome as the bowels of the pantheon are plumbed.

Corporeal doesn't have an idea I like yet. Get back to that later I think.

Beyonder's will be called Reach Beyond and may be shorter somewhat than the others. Idea here will be you start in sight of the finish however it's out of reach. The level will be more... atmospheric until you get a craft that can reach the finish. Then the rest of the level ramps up as you retrace your steps, using routes only accessible with the UFO, collecting notes which make things a little more upbeat.

D-Cade's will be something to do with Space Travel. I figure it'll start slowly, ramp up something fierce with a lot of just hopping from fast-invader to fast-invader, climbing very fast until things wind down and things are a little depressing. Ends probably with a little renewed vigor.

Got no ideas for Beck yet. Part of that is that the 3 songs and environs are pretty separate. I'm sure I'll think of something.

I'm not going to post this to forums, so no one will see it I expect unless I post a link to it when posting one of these levels (which I might do, I dunno) or they see it on the game page.

Edit: I started working on Corporeal, which I call "Confidentireal" or something to that effect. Idea is it'll be a super short level with a lot of hidden looking paths that ends abruptly but you can continue on from the ending screen by instead climbing into a vent and heading into the underbelly of the office. Issue is computers, can't really have giant computer piles, need to use other means to convey "bad business." Not sure how exactly.

On another note no one cares about my levels. Only 2 people played Hello Pantheon and it was posted on these boards. I was hoping for around the same numbers as before and a lot of the same names, the 2 people who did play it were new to me. Not Giant Bomb people I suspect. Perhaps I will finish Confidentireal regardless, but I'm not feeling like it. The only reason I would is because it seems like an awesome idea for a stage, and honestly I've abandoned so many awesome ideas in my life that's not enough of a reason to push to finish it.

Modern Day Edit: Note: Never did finish these. Have no intention to at this point. They were fun to make at the time though and every time I want to play to play Sound Shapes its because I want to look at my own creations. They have a special place in my heart.