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This is terrible news. I loved this guy, even with his recent roles not being that great. Fantastic comedian and dramatic actor. He will be missed by me and the rest of the world.

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I thought it was a pretty great movie, but not as good as First Class. I really liked First Class and probably rank it as the best of the X-men movies. 2 might still be my favorite but I haven't seen it in awhile.

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Overall, while I liked the movie, I just couldn't get into Aaron Taylor-Johnson in this movie. I didn't really like him that much. He was just so bland and awful.

Cranston and Watanabe were pretty good, though. And the monster fight scenes were alright (when they were shown completely).

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So I was about to start playing some South Park when I decided to check out what was on PS+ for the month. When I went to look Soul Sacrifice was back in the Vita part of the list. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and since I didn't own a Vita when it was first on + I'm downloading it now. This was probably just a glitch or something, but I hope some people who missed it the first time jumped on it or still can jump on it.

Sly Cooper for the Vita was also on the page, but was marked at its original price... so I guess I missed that one.

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I guess I have to pick up this game now, since I've been thinking about picking up Pikmin 3. Game looks pretty great anyways.

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I own about 30 physical copies of games. I still like to trade stuff in every now and then.

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$74.5 million is my guess

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a masterpiece if I ever seen one

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I played a little in elementary school but stopped in high school. I think I still have my cards in a binder at my parents house... with my pokemon cards.

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Picked this up for my new vita a few days ago. I haven't played a true final fantasy game before, but I bet I'll definitely get into this. Just have to finish Persona 4 Golden first.