Best of 2010

You know what...2010 was a pretty good year for gaming.  And while I may not have gotten to play that many games, my list was still pretty difficult to complete.  There were a lot of great games that I played that didn't make it on to this list. 
Instead of just doing a straight list of honourable mentions, I wanted to give a few details as to why some of these games (all ones that I played, but may not have finished) didn't make it.

  • The major game that is left off this list is Super Mario Galaxy 2.  It's a game that I really liked, but one that I just can't bring myself to finish.  I don't know what it is...I just think that after the first Galaxy I was pretty much done with the formula...or maybe it's because I'm just not that great at 3D platformers.  I don't know.
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns was a game that I picked up right at launch, played through the first world...and haven't picked up since.  Why?  I don't like the "overuse" of motion controls.  I don't like that most actions are relegated to shaking the controller.  I wish I could use the classic controller or a gamecube controller.  It's as simple (and petty) as that.
  • Super Meat Boy: I bought it in a heart beat...then found out it was hard.  Too hard for me to beat, so I don't feel right about putting it in my top 10 even if it is a great game.

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Posted by iamLEG10N

Wow. You put quite a bit of work into writing up your list. I just listed mine without all the descriptions. :P

Posted by TheMathlete
Yeah, just made my list, then decided to keep going with descriptions.  I think it's pretty good myself with a couple games not on many other lists.