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I'm worried that there isn't going to be a reason to turn Promeathian vision off.

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So I've finally decided to go ahead and earn the nightingale armour and from what I've seen it SUCKS if you want to just be a generic thief and that the thieves guild armour is so much better. My character is a generic thief who uses bows, daggers, all that good stuff so here are my reasons for why nightingale armour doesn't really make all that much sense.

1. Hood

Nightingale- Illusion spells cost 15% less to cast.

Thieves guild- Prices are 10% better

This one is pretty obvious. As a thief I don't use magic

2. Gloves

Nightingale- Lockpicking is 20% easier. One-handed attacks do 20% more damage.

Thieves guild- Lockpicking is 15% easier.

The only piece of the nightingale that is actually useful and an upgrade

3. Boots

Nightingale- Wearer is muffled and moves silently.

Thieves guild- Pickpocket success is 15% better.

From what I've seen enemies have yet to show a different reaction to sneaking around in the nightingale boots, which makes them do pretty much bugger all especially if you have the Silence perk.

4. Armour

Nightingale- Increases your stamina by 30 points. Increases Frost Resistance by 30%

Thieves guild- Carrying capacity increased by 20 points

As a thief I don't expect myself to be needing any of those upgrades due to the fact that I'l be sneaking around using arrows and backstabbing to take people out. And the extra 20 points in carrying capacity is always worth it, especially if your like me and pick up every piece of crap you see

Remember this is strictly for traditional thieves and doesn't apply to people who like to mix and mach classes.

So what are your takes on the nightingale armour and sorry I'm EXTREMELY late on the subject. Haven't had much time to play the game ;)

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@Axxol: Yeah I totally agree with the idea of discovering where the Dwarves disappeared to and meeting them in person.

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@Enigma777: I think it would be called a Feliswolf. (Felis being Latin for cat) :)

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Skyrim has been out for a while now and almost certainly no-one has has fully played and explored the entire game yet and it may seem early but I think we've all been wondering about the DLC (well at least I am) and will no doubt have another million hours of content. Personally I want to be a Werebear 1. because there cool and 2. because lore wise it makes sence. What do you want from the Skyrim DLC and do you think Werebears are worth putting in considering we already have Werewolves?

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I'm NEW to to Assassins Creed so don't start getting mad at me. I have started playing the multiplayer, mostly manhunt and I have realized that if you are on the hunted team, you can get to first place by running around like a lunatic and not getting killed. Now is it just me or is that not how the game is meant to be played, I play stealthily, hiding in crowds, stunning enemies etc. However I'm always coming out in second place, Don't get me wrong it's okay to be second but I'm confused how the gametype actually works. Do you just have to stay alive or play tactically? thnx! ;)

Also, sorry for misuse of commas