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This is so incredibly sad.

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Saw this coming. The quality of Bioware has been going downhill for some time. It's pretty evident when you look at ME2 and ME3 side by side. ME3 was good, but ME2 was amazing. And then there is the nonsense with their PR and community staff.

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Singleplayer was fun but completely overblown. Call of Duty 4 had a believable, interesting story. Modern Warfare 2 was an everything-blows-up action movie.
Multiplayer was, as well, completely overblown. Call of Duty 4 had tactical, no-bullshit gunplay with interesting things like perks and weapon addons, and the most powerful player-killing kill streak being a helicopter (and if used right bombers). Modern Warfare 2 added in nonsense like akimbo weapons, a large amount of player-killing kill streaks that were incredibly strong, perks that completely removed the tactical feel and awarded players for not even using guns, and plenty of glitchy or incredibly unbalanced crap like care-package sprinting and one man army. And then they removed any sort of server customization so you had no option of simply 'joining a different server.'
It's like they thought everyone loved Call of Duty 4 because it had PERKS and KILL STREAKS when that was simply a small mix in the great flavor.

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@nail1080 said:
" Are you referring to the sp or mp portion of the game? "
MP mostly.
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Would I enjoy Black Ops? Or is Black Ops largely taking from MW2.

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Every week day (sat and sun are my rest days), I do an hour of aerobic exercise (usually jogging or stationary biking) and about an hour worth of anaerobic exercise (push ups, sit ups, crunches, pull ups).

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Fuck yes! I am totally buying this. I am buying every copy.