The little Emotion Engine that could (Top 10 PS2 Games)

Playstation 2 is one of my favorite consoles. Right up there with SNES, and PSone. If I had to guess why, it'd probably be because of the sheer volume of quality JRPGs. So when I saw this thread on GAF talking about top 10 PS2 games, I figured I'd toss mine in. Why not do it there? Well, apparently I'm not allowed to ever have a NeoGAF account. So here it is.

Fair warning, this list is pretty boring. Noting on here you haven't seen a dozen times before. Also, this list is ranked from favorite to least favorite. You might not agree with the rankings, you might not even agree with the selections. However, it's just an opinion, I'm not here to argue which games are the best. Just the ones I like the most. Have fun, enjoy the fact that I like lists.

List items