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This was the reason behind Bombin' in the AM and now that's gone we're back to square 1. I hope they can come up with something at other times but they gotta do what they gotta do.

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I always have lots of tabs open but I've never had that problem. I download all the videos, but I have lots of tabs and I switch between them a lot including multiple GB tabs, and I never end up at a page I didn't want to.

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Fuck boxing!

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@css_switchfoot: @slowhanded: I actually think it's a member of the community. I think they had the same theme last year and in those podcasts they mentioned that someone from the community made them.

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The whole thing is basically a single joke of 'We don't like Mario Party but Dan loves it so we're going to sit here hating every second of it.'

Jokes are usually funny for about a minute or something. This joke has been going on for 10 hours so far and there's another 20 hours to go.

I'm not convinced Dan likes the game any more, I think he just really enjoys making people feel terrible.

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It's not really traditional archery but I can't believe no one has mentioned the Torque Bow from Gears of War. That was by far the most satisfying weapon in that series. That and the chain saw. Soo good! Just listen to it whirr up as it charges.

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And this doesn't even show the delayed explosion if you just hit the enemy in the leg or hand or something. Those 3 seconds waiting for them to be ripped to pieces was so much fun.

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That is an awesome design and I prefer the first image with the heads out of alignment. I think the aligned faces just makes where their faces differ more pronounced so it looks a little odd. The asymmetry though looks intentional and cool.

I would totally buy one but I'm not sure where you stand legally as it's a pretty definite breach of copyright in some ways.

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I think you have to be more selfish and ask what it does for Giant Bomb. If you think you could use it in a way that might get the site more exposure and bring new people in then you should probably do that I guess.

I don't think the feature is essential for users who already come here, but it's nice. Not nice enough to waste a lot of time doing it though. The best thing about it is that the few curators I follow tend to have games I like promoted and the more that promote a game will put it on the steam front page for me. It makes sure there is some quality there instead of solely whatever spam games have come out in the last 24 hours.

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That's the kind of thing I would be upset to hear if I was so excited for a game that I really wanted to experience it pure, but then I would have avoided reading/watching anything about it. I'd maybe just look at the scores it's gotten. If I was that excited I'd probably be buying it anyway!

I would expect to hear about something like this from a review so I wouldn't complain about it and that's why I'd avoid them if I wanted that purity.

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I've been playing it for a while and I've really enjoyed it. Never had a pc version before and I skipped last year, but it seems really cool. It loads much faster than the old 360 ones ever did which is really nice. It's cool that it matches the PS4/Xbone versions now too.

It did make my computer go to a BSOD once, but only once in around 12 hours I've played it.

EDIT: oh and I would say that it matches the demo I had on PS4 pretty closely too so the demo is representative.