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So here's another.

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This is a fairly common problem with well balanced competitive games. People can be the same about FIFA, Call of Duty, Street Fighter or any other game you care to mention where a good amount of people get heavily invest in. I'm glad you have gotten over it if it was making that much of an impact. It can be hard to find the right balance with this stuff when you care about a game so much.

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@theodacourt: I don't know, some stuff with CSGO and Dota 2 feel almost more insidious than other microtransaction stuff.

Sometimes I don't get people ... Dota2 is actually completely free to play. Nothing with any gameplay relevance can be bought. In what way is that insidious? ... I got into Dead Island: Epedemic because I like the gameplay. But even if I like the game it's clear that THAT is a game clearly build to make people pay money. If you call Dota2 and CSGO "insidious" you need to elaborate.

The guys at valve are just smarter than your regular F2P developer. Sure, you could tip your hand and show you want people's money by gating content or by using other standard F2P tactics.

Or you could do what they did and get a big chunk of players that despise the usual F2P garbage. After that, the skins, the cosmetics, the chests, the keys and the marketplace where you can see the stuff and its value compells people to pay hundreds of dollars on what is, in the end, mostly pointless, valueless trash. It's a master class in psychology applied to marketing and video game design.

I think anyone who chooses a F2P Valve game to get into specifically because it's completely free probably isn't going to spend all that much money on it. It's not like they're hiding that things can cost money, they're just making sure you can enjoy the game fully without needing to spend money.

Trust me, if the games were garbage they wouldn't have made any money at all. They are still a company that needs to make money to make more cool things so there has to be business somewhere, but at least that business is in no way restricting your access to the cool things they make. There are much worse ways they could go about doing this, including most of the ways other companies go about doing this.

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@dagas: I don't think valve does anything for the sole purpose of making money. They just do what they think would be cool and we pay them for it so that they can continue making cool things (and i'm not just talking games). They just happen to be so good at their job that they have all of our money by now. If they wanted to release half life 3 by now they would have and they're not like any other games company.

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Dota 2....Dota 2 never changes.....

I'd go with that because I enjoy it as much now as when I started. My favourites are all single player games but aren't hugely replayable. Maybe I'd go with Dark Souls otherwise.

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I seem to remember a lot of Brad's dota buddies actually started with LoL, I know Brad Muir did, but they were turned. I think the gaming industry has collectively seen both games enough, and the individuals within trust each other and Dota 2 has become more popular with them. I don't think anyone in the industry would dismiss LoL for no reason when they are literally professionals for understanding games.

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how about that?

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This isn't really a major problem but I use the white version of the site and from today when I click through to a video page the text to the left of the actual video is faded grey and not the usual white colour. I can still read it and when I switch to the black version of the site it's absolutely fine, and the text looks fine if there is a video at the top of the white homepage. Here are some images!

Video page!


I'm using up to date Windows 7 and the latest version of chrome (Version 35.0.1916.114 m).


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Looks like the league is full! I'm going to set a draft deadline for Tuesday 27th at midday BST. Don't know why I chose then but it's as good a time as any and it gives people the long weekend to pick your squad. If anyone really needs more time I can change it a bit if you can give me enough notice, just reply to me in this thread.

I'll use the default scoring system because it lets you change it if you wanted to but I don't really want to mess it all up because I have no clue. Here's a decent guide to stuff!

Good luck!

EDIT: turns out you can't set the time, just the date. It says 8.45 pm for me and I'm guessing that's BST so that would be 12.45pm west coast and 3.45pm east...I think!?

EDIT 2: So I think you have to draft live at the same time. Maybe you can't choose the same players as the other teams? In this case it's probably best to set it for a weekend day right? I've changed it to Sunday 25th at 8.45.