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"Ah, my favourite drinking buddy!" - This seems to be said to me with the same voice in every major city.

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Dear Giant Bomb,

I like what I'm hearing about Saint's Row: The Third but, like Jeff, I have played some of the earlier games and never got very far in them because I just didn't find them fun or interesting. That's what makes Jeff's reaction surprising to me and why I do want to play this game, but due to my past experiences I don't want to pay full price. Waiting for a price drop and actually getting through the whole bunch of other games out now means I won't be getting it for a while. It sounds like a GOTY contender and while my prediction is that it won't be subjected to the same scrutiny as other contenders, I can't rule it out either. I supposed I'm a bit worried that a lot of the crazy stuff may be spoiled in future Bombcasts and especially GOTY deliberations.

I can get around it by not listening or not caring, or maybe even by buying the game right now (I'm not going to buy the game right now) but I would hope that people who are holding out for a price drop would get to experience it as fresh as possible. I feel I already know too much! I'm kind of interested to see if anyone else is holding my position or if it's just bought or not for everyone else. If I'm the only guy that this applies to then yeah, just ignore this plea and carry on duders, carry on.

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2 a.m. isn't the best time for me, but if I'm up I'll have a look in!

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@kerikxi: Oh, I love the boobs, I just don't go to video game websites to see some. They don't have to be in everything, imagine boob shaped sliced bread? Wait, maybe that's a bad example...

I don't see the funny side because I don't find the image itself funny, and there wasn't any funny remarks about the image in the story. I think I'm allowed to voice my concerns and wariness.

@mnzy: I wrote posts 138 times is how I did it. I don't comment on things that I can't add something to or I don't find interesting. You'll have to tell me your secret for getting to 2,713 posts.

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Paris Hilton on an 360 isn't funny, just sad. And I'm sad that, apparently, the most appropriate image for this story is a picture of a near naked girl. There are other websites for that stuff. If your audience finds it hilarious then I guess you should keep doing it though I suppose, I just don't want to be a part of it.

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@ShadowSkill11 said:

@SuperSambo said:

This thread comes off as oddly boastful.

And your response comes off as oddly passive aggressive. This is America, if you don't want to spend the cash for better stuff then don't.

Dude, I'm in America!? Woo! Oh wait, no I'm not. Turns out this is the internet.

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I don't have a problem with campers. I tend to move around an map slowly and some people have called me a camper for just not taking risks and running out in the open when I know that the opposition is about to run right into my room where I can kill them instead, and then I move on. Just because I was prepared doesn't make me a person who's playing the game wrong.

I saw a mod for CoD 2 which would show people on the map as if they'd fired a gun (no UAV's back then) if they stayed in one place for too long. Seems like a good idea if you think running around constantly and bunny hopping better than the opposition makes for a better game.

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Aw I loved the multiplayer! I don't know why I didn't play it more. Maybe I'll get into it again with revelations.

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I shout that at my PC from time to time. It's from Troll Hunter, you should make it your perogative to watch that film.

"Super Green!", "Leeloo Dallas Multipass." (said whenever someone mentions some sort of pass/ticket) "Chik-eyn" "That is a very, nice, hat." "You are fired!..oh.." - The Fifth Element is very quotable.

Also, everything said before in this thread and everything from star wars.

EDIT: Also this of lately

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Dead Island: Skyrim edition?