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I don't have a problem with campers. I tend to move around an map slowly and some people have called me a camper for just not taking risks and running out in the open when I know that the opposition is about to run right into my room where I can kill them instead, and then I move on. Just because I was prepared doesn't make me a person who's playing the game wrong.

I saw a mod for CoD 2 which would show people on the map as if they'd fired a gun (no UAV's back then) if they stayed in one place for too long. Seems like a good idea if you think running around constantly and bunny hopping better than the opposition makes for a better game.

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Aw I loved the multiplayer! I don't know why I didn't play it more. Maybe I'll get into it again with revelations.

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I shout that at my PC from time to time. It's from Troll Hunter, you should make it your perogative to watch that film.

"Super Green!", "Leeloo Dallas Multipass." (said whenever someone mentions some sort of pass/ticket) "Chik-eyn" "That is a very, nice, hat." "You are fired!..oh.." - The Fifth Element is very quotable.

Also, everything said before in this thread and everything from star wars.

EDIT: Also this of lately

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Dead Island: Skyrim edition?

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I think by real gamer, he meant more that he is a non-casual gamer. I don't think many casual gamers would have both, so his point is valid, you're all just being childish and silly. That's right, down right silly.

I'd get it on the 360 because of the controller and despite me claiming I'm not bothered about achievements, I still feel super satisfied when I earn them.

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I can't really say about joystiq, but a Giant Bomb 5-star review is basically 'A game we can recommend without reservation.' I believe Brad thinks that way about Skyrim. The perfect game doesn't exist, so of course there will be problems, but you can still recommend without reservation. If a problem like that is considered a reservation then no game would ever get 5/5 or full marks.

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my guilty pleasure of recent times would be gun. I thought it was pretty awesome when I first got my 360 in 2007! Thank god Red Dead Redepmtion saved me and set me straight.

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I tried going on the official Ubisoft UK server hoping that they would only have stock tracks and music, but judging by the track list it looks like they have some customs ones on there too. I tried running my own server that only runs over my LAN, and that worked, as did Single Player.

It's perfectly possible that you're right @MasturbatingestBear, though I really hope not because if you can't play when people are around, then what's the point?

Is there anyway of getting around this? Like somewhere I can download all the tracks / music out of game so that it mitigates the problem?

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No it's happening on every server I've tried.

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Hey Duders,

I got the last of my PC parts yesterday, managed to get it all together, it's running fine and I downloaded and installed a bunch of stuff. This morning I was able to actually play something, so I chose trackmania 2! I got on to the GB server and enjoyed my first experiences with like...2 other guys, but whatever, it was fun.

As of about 15 minutes ago I've been trying to get back on and I can't. It comes up with a message saying "Match was interrupted. Returning to menus." I tried a few other servers earlier today and they were working then, and are inaccessible to me now too. It is 8:25pm GMT right now so it is peak internet hours, and I don't have the fastest connection, but I've been playing games online fine for years either back with CoD 2/Battlefield 2, the last time I had a decent PC, or with my 360.

I've tried resetting the game a few times and resetting my pc, my router and nothings worked. Any ideas?

Thanks TrackManiacs!