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I think brad has to eat a entire, large hat of nachos, covered in the thickest cheese known to man. The punishments not so bad, but it's still punishment.

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It all depends on what your definition of art is. Mine are:-

#1 An item that is intended as art.

#2 Something that requires a level of creative craft which must have been trained and developed over years.

Under these definitions, some games can be art and I'm alright what that. The real trickiness for me comes when you try and divide art and entertainment, but that's not just a discussion for video games anyway.

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It's what the guys above me have said, and also to avoid confusion of having similar textures either side of the divide. If one player has a grey floor and another a grey roof, and everything is moving quickly it can get quite confusing.

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Valve wins because Gabe will cut you up. Also, they're actually the best.

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I'm trying xbox controller in my left hand for movement and mouse for looking around. If it doesn't work then I'll test both and decide. I'll probably use the mouse for menu's no matter what though.

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I'm only afraid of getting it, installing it and then finding out it's so buggy that it's beyond redemption. I'll just have to wait for another patch, so whatever, but it's that waiting time that I'm afraid of.

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I've been too many times, having worked in them for years and having a subscription card, but the one that stands out to me is probably the first POTC. That is still an amazing film and it was an amazing time with the right friends. Also loved the Matrix and Star Wars II at the time.

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Raisins and Currants are where it's at.

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A lot of the problems levelled at the BF3 single player seem to be the same as the few criticisms said about uncharted 3. From what I've seen Uncharted seems to have more variety of game play and much better characters, but it's interesting that no one has seen this similarity before. I think it's worth discussing. I'd try and speak with more authority but I haven't played either game so it's just a thought that occurred to me, not anything that has irked me.

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@Hailinel: I don't think that's quite right either, as NDS releases of games on other systems which are released on the same day are on the same page here on GB, yet they're entirely different. E.g. PES 2008. The game is completely different apart from being about polygonal football game play. The reason it's on the same page is because it was marketed as a single product across multiple platforms, despite the games not being similar. (I've had the xbox 360 version and the DS version if you needed to know)