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Does being patient make me a black man?

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You're never to late to Dark Souls.

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One of my friends bought it because of the streams. He loves it!

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Sparky. I mean people who meet him probably aren't going to call you Sparky personally right?

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@marmalade said:

I had this exact problem when my Dark Souls itch flared up recently, turned out my DSFix was out of date. Perhaps you have some files lingering in the Dark Souls folder from when you tried getting DSFix set up?

I had this exact problem too. It's worth looking into. The latest DSFix works though!

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I would add that if you have a main source of heating the house, then heating it twice with the light bulbs is probably still wasted energy.

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Bernie - This film came out this year in the UK. It's brilliant.

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This game looks really cool! I do think there should be more coverage of it around and I hope we get a quick look of it soon.

I've been looking forward to playing it but the price is putting me off. There doesn't seem like there's all that much stuff to do yet and if I look around a bit I can usually find the most expensive PC games for not much more. I'd definitely give it a go at the Chivalry price point though. I'll almost certainly get it one day though if it ever goes on sale.

EDIT: I just bought it...damn, I'm easy.

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@yesiamaduck: @razielcuts: Pretty sure that there will be a podcast and video up every day, Monday to Friday next week. I think that's the way they've done it two years on the bounce now.