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Definitely not the same room, probably not the same building.

Also, I didn't like Shame at all. Just such a pointless movie. Even more pointless than Black Swan.

Thems fightin' words.

What he said.

You monster.

Oh so she's just insane...pointless.

It's not that she's insane, it's about how far someone is willing to go for their art. I think it's one of the best films of the last 5 years and it really does match up with the wrestler as a double bill. Both films about trying to achieve perfection in your art, not matter how high or low and how the characters end up going to such extreme lengths to do so. Perhaps I got that because I studied an Artistic subject but it really really resonated with me.

Shame is also amazing.

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I find the game to be pretty hard if I'm not paying a lot of attention to where I am. I just hope to see some black smoke to follow but if I get seen then it doesn't matter where I'm going because I'm just running. It seems like the robots have quite a free reign in where they go so they're regularly not where I expect them to be if I'm going back the way I came which ends up with me running and getting lost again.

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I used ebuyer about 2 years ago and I was happy with them. They seemed about as cheap as I could find for most stuff, and I used amazon for the rest. Things might have changed though.

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There is now!

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I really hope he shows up in more Giant Bomb stuff! Come over Danny, the water is cool.

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I can usually tell that I'm feeling down when I just feel tired all the time. I start to lose concentration on things and feel like I need to go to bed, and find it really hard to get up in the mornings. Sometimes sleeping for 16 hours or so.

It doesn't even feel directly related to it when I'm sleeping, but I just realised it only happens when I'm feeling down so it must be the same thing.

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I played through it yesterday and I agree that it is amazing. It's their best game so far by my reckoning, and Year Walk and Beat Sneak Bandit are both really fantastic too. Everyone should buy this game immediately.

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You'd better have a clean white wall where you play your video games!