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60 MAX

any more and I aint gonna eat y'all

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Was just watching Band of Brothers and noticed for the first time that he is in it for a few episodes.

Moriarty is too

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@Jrad said:

Well, I wouldn't let my kid have a Halo poster -- not because I'm ignorant when it comes to videogames, but because I'd rather he keep his room classy and Halo is not that. My rooms have always been bare, and I've never understood why some people seem to think decking their walls out with a hundred posters makes it look better.

your kid will grow up to become this:

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@OtakuGamer: Bullshit, I mean ok maybe so people do that. But most adults who play pokemon played it as kids and still enjoy it now. I mean if you look at the core gameplay it is still a very enjoyable RPG with some pretty addictive mechanics.

I mean it hasn't changed enough over to years to keep me hooked but I still enjoy the old games on occasion.

I hate Hipster as much as the next guy but sometimes people just do things because they enjoy them.

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NO! I wouldn't recommend it at any price but if you are too curious (and have another masochistic coop bud) then get it for 10 MAX.

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@Fratley: Brilliant new album. Pretty much been listening to it non stop since it poped up on spotify.

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Same thing happened when I was 10, and an idiot.

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uncharted 3 felt a little underwhelming and predictable to me. I really didn't feel much connection to the story either but I might be in the minority there. The actual gameplay (which has never really been much to write home about) just feels kind of uninspired at this point. I'm not a game developer so I'm not sure how to fix that, maybe make it much more open but something definitely needs to change.

I'm not sure I want an uncharted 4 for a long time and would rather they concentrate on the last of us and possibly a new IP.

But more on topic if they do make uncharted 4 I really want a way more joyful story and preferably a shit ton of cutscenes with characters just talking to each other.

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sucks to be an EU gamer

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