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@azrailx HA. Too true. Though hipsters are easier to avoid in Giant Bomb than Marin (ba dum ch)

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Wolfenstein was pretty cool, Watch Dogs was meh, but --


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I wonder what positive outcome could possibly come from layoffs right after an acquisition. Doesn't seem great.

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I really enjoy following the LCS -- not so much actually playing League, though.

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I work out 6 days of the week. I do sprinting and aerobic work for 5 of those days, and then lots of upper body stuff once per week.

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I played it on the PC, so it got real broken near the end of that game's lifespan. In fact, I recorded some of it.

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This footage was sitting on my PC for ages.

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@shatner I beat it, yeah. The second world is a BITCH but everything after that is really fun. I also got the soundtrack like @minivan because it's just so damn good.

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I thought about doing this after losing so much damn Salty money tonight, but quickly realized I had neither the skill nor the time. Godspeed!

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I'd love to see more romance in games -- but it'd have to be good. And for that, we'd need to have good writing in games, which is still kind of a rarity right now. The most talented games writers aren't really writing romantic stuff at the moment -- we're still in this father-daughter zeitgeist.

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The PC definitely got me hooked on gaming. I owned a Gameboy Advanced beforehand, but never got super deep into any games on the platform (besides Pokemon Fire Red). My first couple of games were Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy and Lego Star Wars. I remember playing a shit ton of 2 player Lego Star Wars on a single keyboard. It was fun, if incredibly clunky.