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Super awesome article. EVE is basically the most fascinating social experiment. Agreed on the "Tales from Space" periodical.

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best of luck to ya! hope you and hardcore dave and mike horn go kick ass together!

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I can't process this right now... Thanks, and RIP Ryan

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maybe someone else will pick up 1313 and its team... otherwise it'd be quite a shame.

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Good stuff. Read it even though I didn't play the game. Hopefully it comes out on PC some time soon.

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Try turning off UAC temporarily and see if anything takes. Maybe windows is messing stuff up.

Go to control panel, search for UAC, it's under Action Center's "Change User Account Control settings"

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What a fantastic series! Great job Patrick (and Jeremiah)

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I recommend doggcatcher, it's worth the money if you're into podcasts. To address your problem, it remembers where you left off for each episode.

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Getting my clicking hand ready

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Bought the game about 2 weeks ago, been enjoying my time. But really don't see this as an on-going relationship. The good parts of that game is few and far between, and lots of design decisions seem to be purposely, for the lack of a better term, wasting my time.