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Making rangers/hunters viable. Allowing pets, or even like once a day pet summons (not the crap wood elf thing in Oblivion) would totally make rangers viable. In Oblivion, if you only had marksman as a damaging ability, you would get fucked over by strong melee characters. In the arena, it turned into an idiotic circling match that the ranger would normally lose. 

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Also, I would only pay for SC in the sense that something like ESPN opened up a gaming segment (paying for cable), but that would never happen, and if it did it would only air at like 3 a.m., Which is still cool for me.
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@sixghost said:
"@ryanwho said:
" Watching someone else's match is time I could be using to play the game itself. I'm never going to be the guy who memorizes 20 hotkeys and I don't idolize crazy people who do. Especially since that shit is fixed. "


god that argument is tired.


Thank you for expressing the sentiment that everybody feels. It's similar to people who say stuff like, "Why are you playing rock band? learn the real guitar." "Really, I noticed that you play Call of Duty, yet I don't see you fucking enlisting."
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@JackLumber said:
" @thePAHC:  You didn't like Avatar or you didn't like the 3D? That movie had problems, but not in the area of visuals. "
I just didn't really care for the 3D. I mean, the movie was just a cool movie. I just know now, that after watching it, I would prefer something with an interesting story, rather than see a bunch of CGI (well done, I'll admit) do stuff like ride pterodactyls. I used Avatar as an example of "good" 3D to prove a point; I don't like 3D, even when it's apparently at its best.
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Couldn't companies like the one that made Heavy Rain do something cool? I mean, that game was accepted well enough, and it would be really easy to do something like, say, expose a serious problem from a cool perspective (through a video game) but while keeping the emphasis on something important. Did that make sense?  
Companies could make a Heavy Rain style game but instead of the story of heavy rain, have something like hunting down rain forest poachers because they're not just hurting the environment, they're hurting people. And put in facts about the forests or whatever in a cool, non-game breaking way. Oh, and the game can't be made by Al Gore. I don't want to see pictures of the world before you beat the game, and after you beat the game. 

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" @Wes899 said:
" A Gamestop employee said  to a customer in front of me: "Don't buy a PS3, the online is free THEREFORE it's not as good."  "
lolness. Usually actually the employees at my local Gamestop are okay, they don't bother me too much since they know I don't need any help with anything. I do find that I know infinitely more about games though and that they often try to shamelessly promote things I'm not remotely interested in.  If I have any hatred towards Gamestop it's for their trade in values, it's just outright robbery. "
Yeah, but they're really smart for stealing your games and selling them at 3x the price. Also, I find I actually enjoy going to the gamestops near me because even though most of the people look all gothy and stuff, they're actually really friendly, and know games pretty well. "No, I didn't buy Final Fantasy 12. It's an MMO. If it's not wow, it's crap." In my mind I was like, "somebody else knows?" They also told me of a place where I could buy the original Chrono Trigger for SNES when I bought it for DS. Just varies by location.
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@Tireyo643 said:
" When one is on vacation, one gets to do whatever he or she desires to do. I play video games during vacation, because no one else can tell me different on what to do. "
My thoughts exactly.
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@Gabriel said:
nice find!
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@Kyreo said:
" @thePAHC said:
" Well, if he is allowed to use Dialga, Giratina, and Palkia, bust out the Darkrai. If not, then> Absol, Weavile, Drapion, Sableye, Houndoom, and then personally, I'd just go with another Weavile if you can't use Darkrai, because chances are he'll just stack  Dialga, Giratina, Palkia, Dragonite, Garchomp, Salamence. Weavile will just cut through the last 3 guys, so it can't hurt to have 2. Put an item like focus sash and choice scarf on though. Have one just be a designated non-legendary dragon killer. "
I plan on bustin out Darkrai anyway ;D  We never really set any Legendary Pokemon Rules... so if he uses Giratina, it won't really bother me.  And likewise if I use Darkrai or Spiritomb. "
I would replace houndoom with spiritomb, and instead of a 2nd weavile, use darkrai. Spiritomb is also not impossible to get in SS/HG because after getting the national dex, you can just save up 100,000 watts to unlock a path in which spiritomb resides. Quiet Path, I think it's called. Check Serebii for more details.