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How about FUCK online connectivity and "social" gaming. Thanks All Game Devs Ever.

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No no no nononnonononononoonnoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why is this an article on GB??

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I like how this article could have been written 4 years ago if Patrick was more of a PC-centric gamer.

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Danny O'Beefy can you please join the Bombcrew!


But please, you're a breath of Vinny-positive-type-energy-air and.. it'd be awesome.

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I absolutely disagree with your opinion Alex, I thought this episode was EXACTLY like the other episodes. That is to say - I enjoyed every minute of it for its story and was sad to see it come to an end when the chapter wrapped up.

I feel exactly the same with The Walking Dead (more so), but yeah, loved the episode, love the world of TWAU and just hope Telltale keep popping out this, Game of Thrones and Walking Dead for a few more years cause I will certainly support them for it!!!

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Yeah, adding my 2 cents. Game is incredibly fun. Gave me Deus Ex 2000 era vibes (both in the way it looks and in its gameplay style), not saying you can "go anywhere do anything" but it just gave me that.. DE vibe. can't explain it but ... awesome

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HAHAHAHA holy shit. Infinity Ward is now half "Tony Hawk: Ride".

Goddamn.. that's.. goddamn.

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Too bad they didn't fix the SIZE OF THE FUCKING CITY.


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Well well well.

Now make the cities actually the size of a city and not a fucking suburb .. and I'll consider getting it.