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Hey peeps, my gamertag is the same as my name! "thepastygeek" add me up if you fancy some halo reach firefight and multiplayer. cheers!

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Just Finished Halo reach.....and feel....sad. Im glad Bungie are getting the opportunity to move onto something new, but there's a certain feeling that acompanies every new halo game. A joy that can be matched by only a few other properties and it feels like this is the last time I am going to experience it.... oh well! 343! Lets see your A game!

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I just finished the game (without reading the book) and the story isnt nothing to write home about, it's pretty much generic game story telling 101! Dont get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the game, but as far as compelling story goes, go play half life 2 instead!.............Still......what a game! and peeps, dont turn it off during the credits! Bonus shizzle awaits!!

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This looks so good! Glad theyre L4D'ing it!

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Hi its saying my gamertag is taken by someone else............I have a feeling it may have been an earlier account i created and forgot the password for! could I get the gamertag "thepastygeek" linked to this login please? as soon as this is sorted I will become a paid member, cheers guys, keep up the good work!