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I remember the days when I flirted with PC game snobbery, back in the halcyon late 1990s.  But nowadays, there's just so many reasons not to be.  System requirements like these is one of them. 

(You should probably get a real sound card anyway dude.)

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This is why I love Giant Bomb.  It is an island of trust in a sea of what I can only describe as " :-| "

Unlike that OTHER Eidos game, I still kind of want to play this one.  Too bad that Crystal Dynamics' blood, sweat and tears have to get dragged into this whole publisher/game site/marketing controversy.

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I usually listen on my train ride to and from work.  Or if I'm doing something that doesn't require a lot of focus, I listen while working.

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I'm having the same problem with the new  "News" and "Reviews" feed using iGoogle.  At first they weren't updating at all, but now I'm getting random old posts showing up. 

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Site's actually a giant pyramid scheme.

Edit: Just realized someone beat me to that joke.  :'-(

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Agreed.  It's one of the few things that can keep me awake on the train in the morning, and it's better than it's ever been.

If you count "previous incarnations" of the podcast, I've been listening to the bomb squad talk about games every week for just over three years now.

Metal Gear???

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FuzzYLemoN said:
"It would appear that the overwhelming majority seems to hate me for having an opinion...
*Retreats to a cave in the woods*

That's not true.  They hate you for having the wrong opinion. :-)
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I just want to throw down in support of Brad and Vinny.  Podcasts with just Jeff and Ryan are great, but they're even better with Brad and Vinny.  Feels like the good old days of the old [REDACTED] podcast. 

Brad actually has stood next to you while singing, but you thought it was thunder.

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Both bread and meat are core elements to a sandwich, but I think meat is more important.  A sandwich with good meat and bad bread makes me say "Hmm, that was ok but the bread was kind of meh."  The other way around, it's just a bad sandwich.

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