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So trying to beat some of the tougher optional bosses in Kingdom hearts 2 Final Mix has taught me that I can't block/parry in games.

Like at all.

I don't really play character action games, Kingdom Hearts 2 obviously only has minor elements of one, so I never really gained those twitch skills of blocking/parry. It's been the same for me and 2d platforming but playing through Guacamelee! has helped there so I'm wondering if there are any character action games that are a good introduction to the genre.

Specifically ones that help the player learn the mechanics the easiest.

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Yeah the camera control is horrendous and it seems like they were mostly doing it because they wanted players to be able to move, control the camera, and select menu items at the same time. It's weird but it gets fixed in 2.

As already said there's little platforming in 2 and it's when the series goes totally nuts. It's great.

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Bunnyhop is good stuff.

Konami is not good stuff.

I really, really hope this stuff about Konami fucking with Koji pro, security card lock ups and desk changes, is false because that's seriously fucked. Although if all the fucking with their internal studio is specifically to convince them to leave but the company also knows Kojima wont leave and sue them that's a bit of a conflicting motivation. They want them to leave but if they leave then they can sue so they actually want them to stay? I'm a bit confused as to what the source means there.

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I think you have your answer OP. While it would be great for diversity anybody but a white dude would get far worse treatment from the community then Patrick so I can't see anybody but a white dude ever wanting to work here.

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@nightriff: I'd just like to reiterate that you might want to skip one of the Chico tapes. It's the 4th one. Trust me.

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From what I heard the devs behind counterspy don't consider it a stealth game but a 2d shooter with stealth which explains why the partially randomized levels are fine letting you open a door to be immediately spotted.

Congrats on beating Rouge Legacy.

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I feel like it's kind of hilarious that Arkham Origins isn't in this when it would benefit the most from getting ported. Also this port isn't going to stop other games from coming out and you don't have to buy ever fucking video game product that gets put out.

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@krullban: Eh maybe not worth having to listen to a certain Chico tape for some people.

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@krullban said:

@nightriff: I would recommend just reading or watching peace walker if you don't want to play what is largely an arcade grindy game. And ground zeroes is only like 50 minutes so that should be easy

I would argue you don't need to bother with Ground Zeroes either, storywise at least, considering how Phantom Pain will start.