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@mooseymcman: I doubt he'd actually do that or if he did it would have to be for as good as a reason as MGS2 had. Considering how much he keeps going on about the race and revenge themes I doubt that's all an act.

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But really, the most important thing:

Big Boss' shadow still has no hair.

So Grey Fox confirmed then. Alright. Nobody panic.

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I haven't really been keeping up with this but you seem to be moving along pretty diligently. How has it been playing like this so far? How does it change the pacing of the game?

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@corruptedevil: Oh it's totally fine, especially considering it was initially meant for internal use only, it's still funny though.

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I'm kinda surprised there was even a "concept" trailer, that I'm not watching out of cowardice, considering how early this game seems.

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This is seeming more like a panel rather than a presentation. I wonder how much longer it'll go.

After things start dying down, Kojima will start coughing, and as they call to bring him water, wasps start emerging from his throat and eyes, engulfing the stage in a cloud of noise and pain. As people try in vain to escape the room, a child's faint laughter can be heard from what remains of Kojima's fleshy husk.

Bullet Bees?

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That...that probably is Chico's model...

That's hilarious.

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@corruptedevil: It's more the story stuff that came with it...and the part where it's being piloted by a half naked 16 year old that looks even younger thanks to the art syle that they try to excuse by using the "this girl is actually 400 years old" routine except paired down to what was it? early 20s? Also Pacifica Ocean. PACIFICA. OCEAN. Also the fact that it unlocks access to the Paz journal tapes that include that really fucked up one with Doctor Strangelove who was an almost half way decent character until they fucking make her feel up a 16 year old. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Also I prefer the goofy cheesiness of Heaven's Divide.

Great now I'm coming off as a Metal Gear hater....a hayter?

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But your critiquing really on something where the developers modeled an entire game after Monster Hunter. Over 70% of Peace Walker's missions are just boss battles on higher difficulty in hopes to get new loot, and the rest are either replay levels in different conditions or small fun themed mini games. This is about to apply more variety to such a small amount of memory that a PSP could hold. So these levels were also held at night, which was also a change in lighting, added fog and replaced enemy patrols. And also, you need to upgrade Zeke to a certain point to activate this story, so MORE GRINDING!!!!

Woah!!! Hold on.

I meant the mission it led to as in the Zeke fight at the end was what I didn't like, for story reasons, sorry if I didn't make that clear. Having to grind through side ops to unlock the fun hide and seek missions isn't all that terrible but it would've been better if they had been less obtuse about it.

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Man all this neat gameplay stuff with Quite makes it even more frustrating to see that fucking outfit again and again. It really makes me lose faith in the story. Hell it even makes me question if the Boss from MGS3 was actually as a good of a character as I assume. Metal Gear fans always flock to her as a defense mechanism whenever Quite's outfit, if you can even call it that, comes up but I never see anyone but men reference the Boss as a good character.

Spoilers for MGS3 and a bit from 2:

There's that bit in the ending debrief from Eva where she says that the Boss wanted Snake to see her not as a soldier but "as a woman" that straight up infuriates me. I can't remember a time when the phrase "as a woman" has ever been not the most fucking cringe worthy thing ever. You know the last time that line was used in a Metal Gear game at the time? Fucking MGS2 when Emma Emmerich is telling her brother the she wants him to see her "as a woman." Gross.

Well. Um. Anyway.

Sorry for that outburst. That gameplay is pretty rad though. It's like everytime they show this game they feel the need to show about a billion more things you can do. You'd think they'd run out but here we are with all sort of new stuff!

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<img src="">

Zadornov certainly wasn't the problem with Peace Walker's story.

spoilers for act V for Peace Walker:

Those Zadornov hide and seek missions were great, dumb, fun it's the mission it led to that was the problem...that and the date with Paz....eugh...

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Cool. Now Nomura has time to oversee KH3 and uncancel Birth By Sleep volume II

Then again I am one of those insane people who absolutely loved the opening segment of KH2 with Roxas...

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I feel like the End's boss is good because you can just say "fuck this!" and chase him around the map with your thermal goggles on and just spam the cig spray. Then on a second playthrough you can choose any of the other billion methods to deal with him. It puts a lot of the options you have throughout the game into slightly clearer view.

Like for instance I thought the Fury was just a skill challenge but on my second playthrough I mostly stealthed through it by moving slowly until near the end when I just put on the fire camo and just punched him in his face a bunch. Also if you manage to knife him with the survival knife you can cut his suit and certain items become more effective and oh man is it easy to ramble on about all the stuff you can do in 3.

As far as cqc'ing the Boss I had that same issue during my first playthrough but during my second playthrough I got a little closer to understanding how to do it. Unfortunately I still couldn't manage to understand how so I ended up finishing the fight with the same technique you used. That being said I think that if I kept replaying that fight again and again I might just learn it more on instinct then comprehension.