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At this point Benicio Del Toro is more likely to actually make a game.

I'm not sure we'll ever see a genuine Hideo Kojima directed game again; just games in which he was nebulously involved (then again, he's arguably nebulously involved in Metal Gear too).

What do you mean?

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They've already said that if you use a blacklight his name appears on the box.

That sounds like something Kojima would do or at least be one of those weird ideas Kojima throws out there like the blood smell packet embedded on a disc.

Part of me just thinks what is done is done; and we should all (industry, developers, player) just move on. Yes, I'd love to know what really was going on and why - but we really won't find out. In the end, many gamers will know know Kojima made it, Konami will have to live with that fallout if any. Moreover, Kojima is now free to make other games, and that is LONG overdue....long long long overdue.

To be fair he was already about to do that before this whole thing started. In fact I thought most of the sting to this whole thing was based in the presumption that Silent Hills would get cancelled. He can still be free to make new games but without the Fox Engine and likely with way less financial backing and creative freedom then what was assumed would be happening with Silent Hills. Still will be interesting what he does.

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I should have stopped at "the excellent Erik Kain". *sigh*

Haha, yeah. I'm increasingly of the opinion that Erik Kain is just bizarro Ben Kuchera — people only seem to like him because he aligns with them politically and acts as a culture warrior, not because he has anything of value to say.

Kuchera frequently portrays himself as being arrogant, confrontational, and wholly antagonistic. Kain, regardless of what you think of his opinions, often comes across as level-headed in his articles - certainly when set next to Kuchera at the very least.

Recently I feel Kuchera's made a lot of progress to downplay those elements of himself and be a bit more approachable. Plus Kain is starting to more and more seem level-headed less in a good way and more in that "all sides of this argument deserve equal attention" kind of way that ends up with climate change deniers and anti-vaxers being given cable news airtime.

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At this point "Petty" is pretty much as best it can be described. It's not really as bad as the allegations made about how Kojima Productions are being treated in office as a way of convincing them to leave, constantly being made to move and being generally fucked with, and Kojima's name is brought up so much with the per mission opening credits that "A Hideo Kojima game" not being there doesn't sting all that much.

A bit off topic but I kind of like the per mission opening credits considering that beyond the Kojima credit you also get direct and specific credit of staff to what they worked on. It makes me hope they have some equivalent to the MGS4 integral podcasts but considering the fact that those got released post game launch it's doubtful that'll happen.

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Alpha Protocol dialogue system inserted into Mass Effect 1 style towns that at isolated moments explode into absurd escalating action with vastly improved Bloodstone mechanics. I want to see the action escalate to Uncharted levels of absurdity while still being grounded.

I really just want to play Casino Royale basically...

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I think Erik Kain is starting to lose me bit by bit every time I see him comment on this stuff. What does Kain mean by a scuffle? His ending argument that people should be able to make bad jokes but criticism of those bad jokes should be held back because reasons makes little sense.

There's not even any example of the blowback Troy Baker received from his tweet all we know is a "Scuffle" took place. With the information we're given in this article Baker comes off as the more sensitive one for not being able to take criticism.

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@austin_walker Fantastic article! I'm wondering if you ever played Arkham Origins as I felt it got the closest to humanizing it's criminal element. It's a bit difficult to notice initially, especially if someone goes through the game with an understandably disinterested attitude considering that origins may as well be the Gears of War Judgement/God of War Ascension of the Batman games, but the game treats the criminals as a step up from scum.

I seriously think people should experience it but that's a bit much to ask so I'll try and save everyone the ten hours or so and sum it up.

In the previous two Batman games you mostly saved civilians, good cops, and doctors from the clutches of enemies. Yet there's at least a moment per game when you can optionally rescue an enemy. In Asylum near the start of the game when your saving a couple Asylum employees there's an inmate similarly in distress. When you pull him up to safety it pops a trophy "Leave No Man Behind" but as shown in the video when the henchmen looks up at Batman he just gets punched in the face. It's brutal and strangely without anything to provoke it!

In Arkham City you can find a henchmen being dangled over a pit of lava that you can save. Yet once he's safely down he attacks you! Now it's defensive but your still saving someone only to knock them unconscious!

Yet in Arkham Origins the criminals are different. In an early predator encounter a member of the mob is being held captive by Penguin's gang, this is in itself part of the game's theme of old crime being overtaken by the new more eccentric ones like Penguin, there's a charming dialogue between Penguin's gang and the captive where they make fun of the saying "Sleeping with the fishes" and the captive is offended at the outdated stereotype. Then you swoop in as Batman and take everyone out but instead of the captive attacking you once free or Batman knocking him out for no reason you can talk to him. He tells you that further in Albert Falcon, son of the mob's boss, is being held captive and that he was his bodygaurd and that the mob would be in his debt if Batman saved him.

Even though Batman's a bit disgusted at the idea of the mob being in his debt and the fact that it's not entirely clear if Albert escaped, he probably did, it's such dramatic improvement from criminals only being used as punch fodder.

Later in the game when the Joker's invaded the plot and has taken over a hotel and filled it with attractions of the death trap variety who does Batman save? You'd imagine it would be the hotel guests right? There's a remark earlier outlining that that's the plan. Instead it's the criminals who built it.

You save them anyway.

It's clear that they could have put civilians there. Later in the hotel level there are plenty of civilian models to be used. Though none of them are put in Joker traps. The civilians are only threatened by the criminals on two occasions in the hotel level. There are two joker traps with henchmen that you have to save for progression.

At the end of the hotel level there's a big brawl, with Bane and a bunch of henchmen, on the roof and it seems like Batman is overwhelmed and out of worry for him Alfred wants to phone for the police. Batman is furious at the idea. The Batman here is young, brash, and prideful. He doesn't want to admit he's lost. Yet when the police arrive in choppers something noticeable happens.

They shoot guns and the henchmen die.

Then Bane fires a rocket at the police choppers and they die. This is one of the core elements, if not the core, of this character. It's this sense of control. In the face a civilians attacked by criminals who are in turn attacked by different criminals who are then killed by their own boss, in the face of corrupt Gotham PD stopping a hand to hand brawl by shooting first, there is this fantasy of putting a stop to it without causality. The scene in Dark Knight where Batman attacks the police to prevent them from killing innocent hostages unknowingly is similar.

You absolutely hit the nail on the head saying that superheroes are in many ways a sort of answer to all the ambiguous loose ends and cracks in the infrastructure of society that people worry about. I feel like Arkham Origins is the only game in the series to even bother addressing this element of the character.

In the game there's a character called Anarky who quotes from the actual book "Plain Words" on the radio and whose motivations seem misguided and naive but understandable. He rally's the homeless to work for him to plant bombs. When you meet each of the three supporters that initiate the bomb missions they act nice to you. Granted there are Anarky supporters at the bomb sites you have to beat up but considering they're defending a bomb that will kill them when it goes off it doesn't seem all that mean.

You actually meet the homeless that Anarky is recruiting during the police level being beaten upon by the corrupt cops. The way progression is laid out you have to save them.

The game even has the crime in progress system which causes random crimes to happen around the city. The important thing is that they're frequent enough and provide more experience then just diving into a bunch idle npc and randomly beating them up. It provides incentive to not swoop in and attack unless a crime is taking place. Someone might insult you but you'd think twice about engaging in vindictive revenge when more experience awaits when you actual stop a crime.

Man that's an overly long post...kinda got out of hand. Maybe I'm over analyzing everything although I did leave a bunch of stuff out. I still think people should give the game a chance as I think while it doesn't play super good, tip: prioritize the crying baby carriage side mission to make the gameplay way smoother, the story and it's execution addresses a lot of issues with the series story.

Sorry for the rambles. Really enjoyed the article.

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It's all a bit up in the air. Ground Zeroes performed decently enough in the main mission and even though all the gameplay demonstration that have been shown have been for PS4 they seemed to make some real strides in reducing pop in with each demo so hopefully some of that optimization splashes back on the last gen versions but the title is still open world with a lot more going on then Ground Zeroes. Then there's even the whole trouble at the studio lately and things could either way.

I'd say take a wait and see approach but I doubt any outlet is going to bother reviewing, looking at, or even give a passing glance to the last gen versions. You'll probably have to wait day one player impressions.

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This is a massive and terrible loss. I don't even know what to say.

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For someone who was playing it strictly non-lethal/stealth Deus Ex Human Revolution can get real tedious and boring by the second half not that I really blame the game considering that's not the point of the thing.