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Ignoring the F2P issues I'm not sure how well an action mmo can play especially when they don't have a good technical record with this franchise. Also hoping exploration isn't utterly ruined by any of the mmo aspects that being said as long as it's not region/ip blocked this will probably get me to make a japanese psn account.

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I wouldn't say I was proud of my Arkham Origins platinum, it's a bad video game, but it was enjoyable. I had to prestige in the buggy as fuck multiplayer but getting all the multiplayer trophies in that game without boosting was fucking satisfying. Two of them require you to do completely unreasonable feats as a severely underpowered Batman against human players with guns. The first makes you take down six different players, meaning the all of both teams as it's 3 on 3, in six different ways. The second requires you to take down four different players in 40 seconds and oh fuck was that the most satisfying trophy I have ever gotten.

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Dynasty Warriors 7. Podcasts helped.

The fuck? No, it's Demon's Souls, don't be crazy.

It wasn't particularly difficult, or even all that boring to be honest. Felt like a nice little bow to put on that game. I was 1 trophy away from platinum in Dark Souls before I fucked it up in a way that meant I needed to finish that playthrough and start over in order to get one spell. Shortly thereafter (or immediately), I realized I didn't give a shit about achievements any more.

That said, the Uncharted games were genuinely fun platinums to get. Couldn't get the third one before my PS3 got borked. At least I think I didn't. Uncharted 3 is kind of a blur at this point.

This is a great bump now.

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Man sometimes I think I should start posting more on the forums and then I remember what the community is like now.

Well it's probably been like this the whole time but man what the fuck is wrong with us?!

Anyway I don't see what the issue is with diversity considering raci- sexi- ur whatever the fuck diversity is suppose to fix is over and stuff you guys. Mission Accomplished!

At this point any added diversity would be forced unless you had a very specific and incredibly important reason for your protagonist to be anyone except me because I don't remember talking to anyone that looked different from myself in a long time...just always by myself...

Ur anyway I'm pretty sure I heard Sarah Palin say some interesting things on the subject...let me see if I can find those videos...what? Look just because she gets in drunken bar fights with her family doesn't mean she can't have a valuable opinion on video games and feminism I mean sure she's probably never played a videogame in her life but she's a woman so her word is her bond...or something.

I mean sure Anita Sarkeesian has perhaps an actual fucking chance to have ever played a fucking video game but her last name is Sarkeesian and that doesn't sound American. Honestly we should deport her from the internet but there's no border control on the internet. Then again she was on the Colbert Report who's a well respected conservative voice and Sarah Palin is conservative and...

Man this is all too complicated can we just get back to talking about videogames man! Remember videogames? Back when I enjoyed videogames, before fucking content tourism, there were no secret cabals by poor indies and women to corrupt our great consumer culture but now pushes global warming lies so they can make money and all the scientist are in on it.

On topic: Diversity is fucking important because it's nice to acknowledge that other people fucking exist once in a goddam while.

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@yinstarrunner: *Disclaimer I'm not trying to be aggressive with the following*

Male power fantasy is more about the context around the fantasy violence itself. It's a bit of a nebulous term and it does get a bit muddled and kinda fucks up the conversation a bit but it's a lot more about context. It's not about the violence of a headshot so much as the character holding the gun and how much of a narrative is on display. For instance Mario I wouldn't really consider a male power fantasy due to the part where there's not much narrative context to constantly remind you you're playing as a white male protagonist with a very common stereotypical perspective and ideology.

Then take something like a James Bond game where the context is incredibly different. Look I'm not even explaining this term very well but either way it's not so much that a "male power fantasy" exists at all so much as it is prevalent to the extreme.

It's not that a woman can't enjoy a game with a male player character so much as it would be nice to be able to more often play as a female character. This isn't that common an issue for a game like Mario or Fez where the game does not consistently attempt tell a story in which you relate and identify with the protagonist. A woman can identify with only so many Max Paynes and Nathan Drakes till she might want to be a bit more immersed with a character of her own gender where the nuances of perspective line up slightly more or differently.

The ongoing focus on narrative by the mainstream publishers has made these issues more prevalent and important. Oh and lastly as far as the press freaking their collective shits about any game with a sensibly dressed female character it's a generally uncommon thing to see in games, that's been improving as late though, so it's notable and kind of important to point out a rise in diversity but it's not like everyone in the press all of a sudden gave Remember Me a 11/10 just because of the protagonist and it's not like people only like Gone Home due to the subject matter of it's story.

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publishers should stop following market trends! ROI shouldnt be the number one factor for a faceless corporation! Hurrr durrr

If more females started playing games.. you would see the trend change... just how like every trend in gaming has involved... or movie... or every other medium for example.

So should I get to complain about the dumbing down of gameplay in certain games or would that constitute asking publisher to stop following market trends?

There have been numerous examples of Female led action films yet executives will still state that a female led action movie is a big risk.

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Recently I can't seem to finish Persona 3, close to the end, because the calendar system drawing to a close is really paralyzing me as far as choice.

I also can't get back into Dragon's Dogma because I want to maximize the magic stat gains for my magic archer but I don't want to play as a staff user.

Also I've hardly played any Nintendo games beyond Pokemon. Oh and lastly I've logged way too many hours in a multitude of terrible digimon games.

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@hassun: Co-op is available from the start I just never touched it for the majority of my playtime. The game is for the most part playable single player with only the bosses being clearly balanced for co-op though it's not all that bad for the main story. The most you'll miss out on is a few co-op exclusive gag items.

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So I've got Phantom Pain hype to an unhealthy level, especially considering I don't expect it to come out till november/december, and have gone back to Peace Walker which I've already played for 200 hours mostly solo. After a bit of experimenting with randoms it seems like co-op in video games do I put this?


So I'm wondering if anyone else wants join me either for similar reasons or because you just finished MGS3 in anticipation of Metal Gear Scanlon and want to keep following Big Boss. I'm playing on the HD version on PSN and would be happy to run through any of the missions, story or otherwise, just let me know your from Giant Bo- er maybe just say you're a duder instead of a bomber...

My codec frequency is Psychic_Potato

...and hey if enough people are interested in playing we could put up a list or something.

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Wishing you the best man.

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Arkham Origins is straight up a bad video game but I can't play Arkham City's campaign anymore after having played this one. Oh sure I'll have a bunch of fun revisiting the challenge maps in City but I cannot manage to care about the story in City and by extension have no interest in the story of Arkham Knight. I feel like minus the Mr. Freeze fight City's bosses ruin the campaign on repeats when compared to almost all of Origins' even though the core mechanics are better in City. Poor bosses weren't that big an issue for the campaign in Asylum I feel due to the structure of the campaign being a good enough draw.

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From the way things sound about MGSV (Gameplay mechanic spoilers): It seems like various wildlife will have a daily schedule like guards, as opposed to mgs3 where animals would just stand there, but I doubt you can drive a species to extinction.

I feel like the concept of depletable ecosystems is rather difficult to depict in most games today as not only does the destruction of a resource permanently seem like a unintuitive design choice but the consequences are long term and harder to grasp.