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Wishing you the best man.

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Arkham Origins is straight up a bad video game but I can't play Arkham City's campaign anymore after having played this one. Oh sure I'll have a bunch of fun revisiting the challenge maps in City but I cannot manage to care about the story in City and by extension have no interest in the story of Arkham Knight. I feel like minus the Mr. Freeze fight City's bosses ruin the campaign on repeats when compared to almost all of Origins' even though the core mechanics are better in City. Poor bosses weren't that big an issue for the campaign in Asylum I feel due to the structure of the campaign being a good enough draw.

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From the way things sound about MGSV (Gameplay mechanic spoilers): It seems like various wildlife will have a daily schedule like guards, as opposed to mgs3 where animals would just stand there, but I doubt you can drive a species to extinction.

I feel like the concept of depletable ecosystems is rather difficult to depict in most games today as not only does the destruction of a resource permanently seem like a unintuitive design choice but the consequences are long term and harder to grasp.

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Oh man oh man I totally want to explain the significance of almost everything you're questioning here but that would obviously ruin the fun. Cannot wait for more people to play MGS2. Cannot wait for you to finish this.

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Here's a piece of advice: from here on out (continuing into mgs 3), use the tranquiliser gun to kill every boss.


It gets you things you wouldn't get if you killed them the normal way.

Yeah, but generally not anything that useful, just collectible stuff. The only exception I can think of is The End.

Mostly collectibles in 2 but in 3 you get useful camouflage from nearly every boss.

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I think Dragon's Dogma has a fantastic open world in part to it's visuals and the mechanics that force you to literally walk it's routes. There was something utterly mesmerizing about traversing the world by foot for the first few hours of that game. If the game encourage exploration rather then a quest system I would have been fine with no fast travel system at all.

At times the world felt like it had more immersion then Skyrim where eventually you just pinball between cities. In Dragon's Dogma even when you quickly get to the max fast travel item markers in your inventory they're still items in the world and each use of fast travel dwindles your supply of a disposable item. That system lent weight to the world and combined with visuals whose only weakness was dreadful ground texture repetition.

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So this is going to sound utterly insane but I would like to see Patrick playthough all of the Kingdom Hearts games. ALL OF THEM. As lead in to KHIII.

I'll see myself out.

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Wow. not hitting play on that.

Here I thought MGSV was going to be difficult to get through...

I really hope that this is all a cover for something more subversive then what it looks like. I hope that Brodehouse is onto something or refusing to kill anyone in the game actually reveals some deep non-violent interaction system or something because I really don't want to think that a group of people put that much love and care into the graphics and physics(sorry, physX) while lacking any semblance of awareness.

Honestly if this game comes out and ends up being a murder simulator for the sake of being a murder simulator with a great deal of effort put into it I'm not sure I could handle that.

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I'd say Man of Steel and Solaris are some recent negative examples for me.

I was getting bored with Man of Steel but it still seemed generally redeemable with a better sequel until the notorious ending moment then I went straight into "fuck you fuck this" mode.

The 2002 version of Solaris was super engaging with it's atmosphere and the romance plot seemed to exist to show the protagonist going through the exact delusions the rest of the crew went through until the end when it ends on the romance plot taking over in a rather nonsensical way.

As for the Prestige and it's use of science fiction elements it seemed less like they were using it for the sake of science fiction so much as providing something the audience simply can't understand. The layers of complexity to the various tricks and the various character's understanding of how the tricks work gets into the audience in that way. More so there's the hysterical irony of Angier being so unable to accept Borden's trick is as simple as it is that he straight up finds the most complicated solution possible.

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The Kingdom Hearts artstyle doesn't really need a fancy engine anyway, not to say Unreal 4 doesn't seem fancy though, although I imagine texture pop in is the only thing that could mess it up but that hasn't been a problem with that engine for a while right?

The Kingdom shader sounded like an interesting idea but seemed to mostly just be a time saving effort and I imagine if they get comfortable enough in Unreal they might just be able to replicate it, assuming there was anything more then a concept to replicate.

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It'll be interesting to hear people's opinions on Arkham Asylum, replaying or new to it, with the recent amount of open world games coming out. As much as I love the mechanical improvements in City the realization of the Asylum is super good. I really hope that when WB figures out what do with the franchise post Rocksteady they at least give some thought to a low budget spin off with Asylum's structure. It would at least help to differentiate it from Mordor considering it seems to be doing open world stuff far better from what I'm hearing.