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You can still use pre-patch saves you just don't earn trophies on those saves.

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@corevi: Was it uninterrupted by cinematic angles? Like did they show a segment from a combat section as it would be in game? All I remember is fear takedowns and a floor grate takedown before they did the scarecrow interruption. I would love to be wrong though.

@dussck: I imagine it will still be the same but I still expect a leap similar to Asylum to City as far as improvement goes. Maybe not for freeflow combat considering how refined it is already but predator stealth has so much room to improve.

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I'm really starting to wonder if they'll actually show freeflow fighting and/or predator game play before release, it's getting frustrating. Granted this was more of a story trailer but still. I'm sure there will be improvements to game play so show it! I'm sure as hell not going to have much interest in the story considering the quality of the writing shown so far.

I get that they don't want comments on fatigue but not showing anything isn't helping.

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I really liked it and really didn't like the streamlining in MGS4 then again I'm generally fine with tedium being used as a balancing mechanic.

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I'd totally be into this, always wanted to make a Vinny survival game, but I'm not sure how much interest you'll garner on the forums alone you might want to reach out to the Neogaf GB community thread or other such places.

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Oh god that opening song is amazing.

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Well if you aren't hyped now then that's pretty good. Better to be pleasantly surprised then hyped up on hopped up on goofballs.

I'm also a bit apprehensive but it's in part due Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us being the only really notable games from Naughty Dog combined with the feeling that this is a patchwork job after that internal scuffle. The game play they showed looks really nice but ehh...

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Have people turned around on Interstellar? That's unfortunate...

1. Snowpiercer

2. Captain America: Winter Soldier

3. Guardian's of the Galaxy

4. The Lego Movie

5. Edge of Tomorrow

I can't get behind Interstellar as anything other then a disappointment made worse by the fact that not only is this a bad Nolan film but the general praise will ensure that Nolan will continue down this path to the point where he will only make bad films from now on. I mean don't get me wrong there were strong moments and soundtrack is a fun listen but let's be honest that soundtrack isn't exactly original. The movie is at best a better version of 2010 the year we got a text from the Monolith telling us it's motivation! and that's not particularly worth remembering. Sorry about that the movie is a bit frustrating.

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I'm not sure if the recent Metal Gear prologue counts so ignoring that I'd say Brothers was good.

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Couldn't get past a minute and a half. Leveled up. Jesus.

As a look into how Law and Order Special Victims Unit handles said victim's portrayal that is really fucked up.

Then reading that it just tells women in the games industry to give up at the end is just...