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I feel like the End's boss is good because you can just say "fuck this!" and chase him around the map with your thermal goggles on and just spam the cig spray. Then on a second playthrough you can choose any of the other billion methods to deal with him. It puts a lot of the options you have throughout the game into slightly clearer view.

Like for instance I thought the Fury was just a skill challenge but on my second playthrough I mostly stealthed through it by moving slowly until near the end when I just put on the fire camo and just punched him in his face a bunch. Also if you manage to knife him with the survival knife you can cut his suit and certain items become more effective and oh man is it easy to ramble on about all the stuff you can do in 3.

As far as cqc'ing the Boss I had that same issue during my first playthrough but during my second playthrough I got a little closer to understanding how to do it. Unfortunately I still couldn't manage to understand how so I ended up finishing the fight with the same technique you used. That being said I think that if I kept replaying that fight again and again I might just learn it more on instinct then comprehension.

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Alpha Protocol 2

Dragon's Dogma 2

While I imagine there will be some form of spiritual successor to Dragon's Dogma I doubt they'll make a direct sequel.

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"The Hall of Kentia" is pretty perfect as a keep name.

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I think this is pretty useful design concept but one I always find hard to find in use. It's difficult to understand if a game mechanic was made with this in mind or if it's simply a balance issue.

For instance I wanted to say that hold ups in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes might be an example as most players would start out abusing the tranq headshots without really messing with the hold up mechanic at all. Yet when you do experiment with the hold ups and find it's usually the better option you tend to always use hold someone. In Ground Zeroes holding someone is so much more effective then any other method that I would wake up enemies initially put to sleep just so I could place them in a hold up.

To me that seems more like a lack of balance combined with the fact that that hold ups aren't immediately intuitive. Holding someone up means you get closer to them which is kinda the opposite of what you wanna do in a stealth game. It's possible that the game follows lenticular design in that initially you can see Ground Zeroes as a third person shooter, then as a stealth shooter mostly relying on slowly moving along using the tranq gun, and finally as a more dynamically involved stealth game in which the player is taking advantage of every element in their arsenal fluidly.

The more I type about MGSV the more it might actually be lenticular design. You might play through the game at first as a third person shooter but the same default silenced lethal weapon can be used during non-lethal stealth runs as a silent tool to disable lights. Then again maybe the developers just put together some mechanics without applying the design principle you're talking about.

Either way the hiding in plain sight school of thought when it comes to mechanical depth always seemed to me like the mantra big game developers should be moving towards when they feel the need to widen their consumer base. It makes sense for more indie like developers to just go straight to the "let's just make a visual novel" mentality considering their resources but bigger companies shouldn't feel the need to shy away from complex mechanical depth.

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@patrickklepek Hey it seems like you're trying to add more community content to the bottom of Worth Reading as of late. That's pretty swell, non-ironic use of the word swell, so thanks for doing a little bit extra to engage with the community.

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@patrickklepek In relation to that "Resting State" article I don't think Unwinnable actually spoke to the author of the book. Although I can see why you could make that mistake considering the way the article writer keeps on using "told me" and "discussed" throughout.

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I'd like to see him try to get deeper into stealth games as there still seems to be this ongoing mentality with the crew in which stealth games are seen as slightly slower action games.

@elvicerator said:

Ditch roguelikes and do a playthrough of Revengeance on the hardest difficulty.

Or stick with roguelikes and play Teleglitch. Or Tower of Guns.

This sounds like a fun time.

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@bicycle_repairman said:

This article is great if you agree with most points, its not if you disagree with most points.

That's no journalism Patrick, that's punditry.

Be careful not to confuse them. They have a different value. One is dry facts, the other one opinion.

There are sentences written here, but I'm still confused.

I think it's bit over the top but I think the point is more that Op-Eds should be labeled. This is a huge problem in not just games journalism but in almost all news sites. I honestly think that if Op-Eds were just flat out labeled it would diffuse a decent chunk of internet outrage. Without the clear indication that an article is an opinion it subtly implies itself as fact, intentionally or not, or much more declarative then one would hope.

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Is there still a way to access the first quest to get Twisted Metal? All I can find in this horrible clunky interface is the second quest.

There's a building with a PS4 label inside is a giant statue of Knack and a giant Vita. Interacting with the Vita gets you into the first quest.

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Via Gaf

The perpetually in beta mmo Home has two quests that when completed give you codes for various PS1 classics and some free to play currency for Warframe and Blacklight.

The classics that they hand out codes for are:

  • Destruction Derby
  • Warhawk
  • Twisted Metal
  • Resident Evil Director's Cut

I'm mostly making this topic because I went through the process of downloading Home to get RE1 and don't really have much use for the other codes.

If you take one of the codes listed below please post which code so we know which ones are still active.


  • Destruction Derby: BQM3-8PN5-95C5
  • Warhawk: 5MKK-BMNA-8QPN
  • Twisted Metal: E9GM-DLN6-M4B6
  • Warframe 50 Platinum: 45HB-TKN9-MJJG
  • Blacklight 500 ZCoin: 4LPL-DHNM-H3D9
  • Wareframe 20,000 credits +3 day affinity booster: 3PTT-QNNT-JG4T

I suggest using their online store so you can just copy paste the codes.