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For someone who was playing it strictly non-lethal/stealth Deus Ex Human Revolution can get real tedious and boring by the second half not that I really blame the game considering that's not the point of the thing.

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It would be worth it for the difficulty of it alone.

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Honestly I think it wasn't so blankly cynical on stream with a few of the bomb crew throwing a jab at people who want a given thing and then someone else on the crew countering it with some perspective.

If I remember someone said that remaking FF7 was stupid but then Jeff of all people chimed in saying it's good for the people who want it.

The Super Bunny Hop video was maybe a bit too aggressive and ignored a lot of obvious shit but eh whatever...

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I'm happy for people with 360 games although I'm wondering if games that never had a digital version can so easily be compatible because it sounded like when you played it off the disc it downloads a digital version with the disc just acting as ownership check.

Sucks that there's no way for this to push Sony to do anything about backwards compatibility.

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Granted I've only played Skyrim but I think it's a bit odd that the advancement to the dialogue system there was not zooming in on the person you're speaking with so that the first person perspective has more weight to it. I know they said during the presentation that the dialogue system in Fallout 4 still let's you view it from first person but I'm wondering if it still uses the same face button controls in that situation or if in first person it presents a list like before.

Also with the face button selection I'm not sure how you leave the conversation. I hope you don't have to physically walk away...

It's kinda funny because Obsidian has experience with both Elder Scrolls style role playing and Bioware style third person narrative focused stuff. I wonder if Bethesda talked to them at all for their perspective.

Also I'm starting to get annoyed by the constant need to characterize every protagonist and the constant push that if the player's avatar isn't chatting the living daylights out of the situation that the game is backwards or somehow objectively lesser.

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I've only ever played FFX to near completion, I should probably just finish the damn thing already, and the very beginning of FF8 as I was more of a Kingdom Hearts kid so I'm probably super biased towards this.

That being said I'll probably have time to play the original before this comes out. I'm also just glad to see that Square isn't just going to kick Nomura to the curb post KH3 although I hope he's still directing KH3 but I guess we'll find out at the Square Enix conference.

I actually really like Nomura as a director and replaying Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth By Sleep recently just enforces that.

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I just love how much of a tease that ending is. At just a glance it looks like they teased kid Solid Snake especially when they directly follow that up by mentioning the "Terrible Children" but looking closer and it's two exact duplicates of Eli right down to small scars and clothing. A few of the scenes from previous trailers are repeated here but some are at different times of day and the scene with the cremated soldier remains adds characters into the background but it's paced so that if you blink you'll miss it.

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@humanity: Right, I had forgotten about the books, I was mostly thinking of the main narrative through-line for the first game which was incredibly weak and cliche.

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So your saying that Dishonored 2 could actually have an actual story instead of the nothing that was in Dishonored 1?

This is good, very good. Cara Ellison is a good writer.

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What I learned in this thread:

Mystery as a genre is inherently weak storytelling.

Surprise and playing on expectations have minimal artistic value.

Personal introspection and intimacy of storytelling are stupid and the only scientifically valid way of consuming media is sitting in the sticky twitter theater while munching on popcorn very loudly.