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I'd like to see him try to get deeper into stealth games as there still seems to be this ongoing mentality with the crew in which stealth games are seen as slightly slower action games.

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Ditch roguelikes and do a playthrough of Revengeance on the hardest difficulty.

Or stick with roguelikes and play Teleglitch. Or Tower of Guns.

This sounds like a fun time.

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@patrickklepek said:

@bicycle_repairman said:

This article is great if you agree with most points, its not if you disagree with most points.

That's no journalism Patrick, that's punditry.

Be careful not to confuse them. They have a different value. One is dry facts, the other one opinion.

There are sentences written here, but I'm still confused.

I think it's bit over the top but I think the point is more that Op-Eds should be labeled. This is a huge problem in not just games journalism but in almost all news sites. I honestly think that if Op-Eds were just flat out labeled it would diffuse a decent chunk of internet outrage. Without the clear indication that an article is an opinion it subtly implies itself as fact, intentionally or not, or much more declarative then one would hope.

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Is there still a way to access the first quest to get Twisted Metal? All I can find in this horrible clunky interface is the second quest.

There's a building with a PS4 label inside is a giant statue of Knack and a giant Vita. Interacting with the Vita gets you into the first quest.

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Via Gaf

The perpetually in beta mmo Home has two quests that when completed give you codes for various PS1 classics and some free to play currency for Warframe and Blacklight.

The classics that they hand out codes for are:

  • Destruction Derby
  • Warhawk
  • Twisted Metal
  • Resident Evil Director's Cut

I'm mostly making this topic because I went through the process of downloading Home to get RE1 and don't really have much use for the other codes.

If you take one of the codes listed below please post which code so we know which ones are still active.


  • Destruction Derby: BQM3-8PN5-95C5
  • Warhawk: 5MKK-BMNA-8QPN
  • Twisted Metal: E9GM-DLN6-M4B6
  • Warframe 50 Platinum: 45HB-TKN9-MJJG
  • Blacklight 500 ZCoin: 4LPL-DHNM-H3D9
  • Wareframe 20,000 credits +3 day affinity booster: 3PTT-QNNT-JG4T

I suggest using their online store so you can just copy paste the codes.

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@liquidprince said:

Origins easily had the best story of the three released Arkham games, and for those saying they skipped it, really missed out. It was a love song to the villains of the Rogues Gallery and had a fascinating look into the mind of the Joker.

Well to be fair while it had the best story that doesn't really mean much when it's the best story in a franchise known for having terrible Batman Hush style stories. The writing for the characters was great but nothing people haven't already seen in other Batman media, like all the Joker monologues being ripped out of the Killing Joke, I mean I enjoyed it for what it was but the poor technical failings and game design failing of Origins makes it really hard to recommend.

OT: This really feels rather bland for a Batman trailer. It seems to only exist to show people that they'll be using the Batmobile. I'm sure when the media machine starts in earnest we'll get actually impressive gameplay but right now it's a bit eh.

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Alright so how can you design a console based Pokemon game that's approachable for young people, encourages social aspects, and differentiates itself enough from the mainline handheld experience?

The first big hurdle to it's success would be the social aspects and the perception to parents. Parents, for the most part, are probably fine with the idea of their kids having a handheld Pokemon experience for long trips and general school commutes. With a console game they would mostly likely see it as a waste of time so adding some kind of social element like Wii sports would be important as would having a shorter segmented game play sessions. Ironically the console version would be better suited for shorter play sessions then the handheld experience.

You know the more I think about this the more it seems like any game targeted at kids would do poorly on a console.

It would need easy, very child friendly, connectivity to whatever mainline Pokemon handheld game is out at the time. Yet we know that Nintendo is literally incapable of this.

OK you know what Nintendo franchises on home console don't even make sense anymore. The Wii sold to families on Wii Sports and not other Nintendo franchises. In fact I can't think of a single Nintendo franchise that would work for a kid audience better on home console then on handheld.

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@mb said:

I voted no, yes, and fuck Metal Gear. I'll get it if it ever shows up for $2 or something.

Well if you live near a redbox...although they're only carrying last gen versions though.

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It's so insane that this all might be a controlled leak from Microsoft to garner some hardcore positive support but also used in an attempt to close up leaks from people like CBOAT. Then there's the implication that journalists are being used by Microsoft for this purpose. It's insane. What the hell is going on?

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Lava World episode was a bit of an improvement over the last episode but I feel like the formula is getting a bit stale and characters are hardly evolving. The Pierce episode without Pierce was a neat concept but just ended up feeling like it was filling in a madlibs with the words you expect to be chosen. I'm not really heavily anticipating the next episode and that's a huge bummer.

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I've only been here since late 2011 but does anyone else remember whyareyoucrouchingspock?