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I think you have your answer OP. While it would be great for diversity anybody but a white dude would get far worse treatment from the community then Patrick so I can't see anybody but a white dude ever wanting to work here.

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@nightriff: I'd just like to reiterate that you might want to skip one of the Chico tapes. It's the 4th one. Trust me.

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From what I heard the devs behind counterspy don't consider it a stealth game but a 2d shooter with stealth which explains why the partially randomized levels are fine letting you open a door to be immediately spotted.

Congrats on beating Rouge Legacy.

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I feel like it's kind of hilarious that Arkham Origins isn't in this when it would benefit the most from getting ported. Also this port isn't going to stop other games from coming out and you don't have to buy ever fucking video game product that gets put out.

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@krullban: Eh maybe not worth having to listen to a certain Chico tape for some people.

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@krullban said:

@nightriff: I would recommend just reading or watching peace walker if you don't want to play what is largely an arcade grindy game. And ground zeroes is only like 50 minutes so that should be easy

I would argue you don't need to bother with Ground Zeroes either, storywise at least, considering how Phantom Pain will start.

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I doubt this will drastically affect the games sales although I am thinking of buying used. What I'm worried about is if Konami decides to put their own trailers out spoiling the whole damn thing. Six fucking months available to fuck with the game. This shits gonna be rough.

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@geraltitude: I...really doubt that. Every game states that it's "a Hideo Kojima game" made by a developer titled "Kojima Productions" and in Peace Walker it's relatively easy to find Kojima himself as a character. In Ground Zeroes one of the limited number of missions that constitute it's entire package has you saving Kojima. While it's reasonable to assume that not ever player of the games reads that "a Hideo Kojima game" bit on the box it's maybe a bit much to assume that the overwhelming amount of people playing the games have no idea who he is.

Anyway this news really sucks. I know a lot of people keep pulling the positive out of this saying that Kojima might finally get to make a non-metal gear game but the thing is it already seemed like that was about to happen! Now Silent Hills in unlikely to ever happen and Rising 2's fate is even more up in the air. Hell even the nature of Phantom Pain's final contents is in question! There's still a non-insignificant amount of time till that thing ships that could be used to demand changes.

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If you tranq. Fatman in MGS2 then he's actually sleeping and not dead the last time you see him, though there is another boss that dies in cutscene even if you stamina drain them so MGS2 still doesn't count.

MGS4 I don't remember any cutscene death.

That being said the question is a little odd if you really mean pacifist then any kind of violence would disqualify, for instance the Batman Arkham games still have you punching and ruffing up dudes, so really only stealth games where you can entirely ghost the game could count. Unless I'm misunderstanding something.