JJWeatherman and Rich Gallup are the same person.

(Note, this blog was originally posted on Screened, but I thought I'd share it with the Bombadeers here on GB to spread the truth)  

Most Whiskey Media users are probably familiar with the user JJWeatherman. He's a pretty prolific poster on all sites, but most of his work gets done over at Giant Bomb.  

 The man in question.
Note that avatar. This is none other than Rich Gallup, former Hostmaster of GameSpot and current producer of whatever the fuck Curt Schilling is doing. JJ is a self described Rich Gallup fan: 

 Exhibit A
While listening to the This Year Hotspot collection, I got the idea of creating a list of the films Rich has described as "trash." Listening to the collection and seeing him at the Giant Bomb Pax 2011 panel has put Rich in my mind.  
I got to thinking, does Rich have a Giant Bomb account? Johnny V, Greg Kasavin and Adam Boyes all do, and I suspect all former GameSpotters do. Why not right? When thinking about this, I immediately though of Mr. Weatherman (if that is your real name!). I noticed a striking similarity between Rich and JJ. 

Exhibit B

This leads me to my theory: Rich Gallup and Justin J Weatherman are the same person.  
Don't go and cry BS people. The proof is in the pudding:   

  • JJ claims he wasn't able to make it to PAX East 2011, where Rich made a celebrity appearance. A tad too convenient I suppose.
  • Rich works for 38 Studios, a game development studio that is currently working on nothing except a nameless MMO, that is most likely a large scale Ultimate Frisbee simulator. With all that time on his hands, it makes perfect sense why Rich would be a top poster on Giant Bomb. 
  • JJ likes Zoolander, which seems like a movie Rich would totally be into. 
  • Rich's website, doofycrap.com, was ended in 2008. JJ's first post on GB was two years ago. The dates don't exactly sync up, but they are close enough. Basically, Rich ended his blog when GB started, and JJ was at GB from the beginning-ish.
  • Both have been pictured in from/on top of large animal statues, wearing shorts and t-shirts.

 Exhibit C

This is incontrovertible evidence people. JJ, or should I say Rich, come clean bro. Stop living this lie.