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The Wire really took off midway through season 1 for me. Season 2 is weird. It's not bad, but I think it's definitely the least impressive of the bunch. Seasons 3/4 are prime-time.

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I think they should mix it up a bit. Maybes sub in Danny O'Dwyer and Mary for maybes Drew and Brad?

I think Brad needs to tap out. In MPP3 he was just bitching the entire time and not even trying to make jokes. I feel like he takes it way too seriously and can't just make it entertaining like Jeff or Drew

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Pale Elf Wizard

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Dallas Mavericks are a sinking ship and wtf is Stoudemire wearing!?

He looks like an Airship pilot from a Final Fantasy game

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I don't understand what Chip Kelly is doing to the Philadelphia Eagles.

I'm not convinced Chip Kelly knows what Chip Kelly is doing with the Philadelphia Eagles

If this whole thing crashes and burns it will be quite the spectacle, as a Giants fan I've got the popcorn ready

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T2 > T1 > T3. there are no other Terminator movies

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Jets trading for Marshall makes no sense. Who the hell is going to throw to him?! God I hate that I through my support behind this team so long ago, I feel like such an idiot year after year after year....

They need someone to catch passes from whoever is going to play QB for them. Last season their receiver corps was atrocious. They only gave up a 6th rounder it's not like they spent a whole lot anyway

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TNT started out hot but it started to fizzle out when it stopped being 2 hours and when they stopped playing games with the community (though the Dead Island TNT was great). None of the guys seemed that into towards the end.

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