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For real, someone has to make this laser-tag bank robbery thing happen.

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Nothing on the level of Jim the Duck. Publishers are interested!

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Just the SEPTA.

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That sucks. I spent a lot of time on the forum and the wiki. Good times.

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Was really hyped on this one, but I should have known better. Denver hasn't played a team nearly as overwhelming as Seattle this season at all. They weren't ready for any of it.

Oh well. We've had our fair share of exciting Super Bowls in the past few years. The AFC better shape up soon though because the NFC ain't slowing down for anyone.

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Damn. I was hoping for a good game but it was just a bloodbath from the first snap of the game.

Eli looks on in horror. He must avenge his brother by taking the New York Giants to the Super Bowl over the Seahawks in 2014.

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I was expecting this to be some high school kid struggling with bullies and I was really sad.

Finding out what it's really about makes me sadder.

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Broncos/Patriots game was honestly a little disappointing from an entertainment perspective. I mean, aside from watching the Patriots lose, it wasn't all that exciting. Broncos took the lead, then kept it. We got to see Eli styling though:

Eli looks like a little kid who just got off of a roller coaster and Papa Peyton is asking him what his favorite part was.

Niners/Hawks was wild though. That Erin Andrews interview is fucking legendary. As for what Gary Whitta tweeted, he's totally off base. Sherman just got really amped up and maybe went too far, but I enjoyed it. This whole thing is just distracting from the real disgrace in that game, which was the officiating.