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Both episodes were great. Community is fucking back.

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Fantastic work. But I think Jeff should be the US flag. Alex can have the NYC flag:

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I always crack up at the people that spit venom at this guy. The dude is so ridiculous on another level that I don't see how someone can seriously hate him

"Why would I care what someone else thinks of me? That doesn't effect my money"


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I think a new staff member would be kind of cool. I trust the guys to hire someone good.

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Everyone GB fan owes it to themselves to go to the GB twitch page and go through the archive. Tons of cool stuff that hasn't been posted to the site. Weird after hours streams from the Whiskey days and whatnot.

I think my favorite is one of the post-shows to a Starcraft II TNT where Brad and Norm play against each other and Ryan and Vinny commentate. It's even more amazing than it sounds.

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@wjb said:

No, but this year was kind of a bummer. I liked it better when they straight-up cut games instead of the circle-jerk they had this year. Even Jeff thought it was a little dumb.

My favorite part of the whole debate was Jeff's total disgust with the system they came up with.

"And we somehow have a game of the year list without BioShock Infinite on it."

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Fuck man. Too many to pick. The Bad Company 2 TNT is my favorite piece of video the site has ever produced, so probably something from that. Maybe this?

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We just need Ganondorf back in. Him and Zelda have been my two mains since I started playing. Their treatment in Brawl was a crime.

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Can well really not with the word "overrated" on this forum?

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I remember scratching my head at the end of it, but that's not something I would hold against it. It had many other problems besides the logistics of the universe.