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It sucks Bethesda games (especially on the PS3) are so fucked sometimes. Personally I've put 100+ hours into Fallout 3/New Vegas (PS3) and Skyrim (360) each and I can say that stuff can't stop me from loving the games.

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why did Jeff resign Carmelo Anthony?

He can still ball

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  1. Dave
  2. Vinny
  3. Dan (because he's usually playing as the USA, even if they suck in a game like Rugby 15)
  4. Drew
  5. Jeff
  6. Jason
  7. Alex
  8. Patrick
  9. Brad (I like him I just hates how he gets super upset all the time instead of trying to crack jokes like everyone else. and also I can't jive with how he rags on the N64)
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@thatpinguino: This year Thibs was actually starting to respond to that criticism and was playing Derrick less. still got hurt. sucks for the bulls and their fans to have this kinda thing happen three years in a row

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Any QL with him and Ryan was bound to be great. Leisure Suit Larry, Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble, Noby Noby Boy, Crash Time, and some of the Game Rooms just to name a few.

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Princes Mononoke

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Shit, that really sucks. Harris was amazing on all of those Earwolf podcasts

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@bobstar said:

As a Knicks fan, I'm devastated that we didn't get Goran Dragic,

And even more devastated Miami got him.

But holy shit KG back on the Wolves is crazy. That's nice to see.

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This is the most absurd dunk we've seen at the contest in ages. Well deserving of the 50. My favorite part is seeing Victor like "oh fuck how am I going to top that" in the midst of all the celebrating