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I really want to love BioShock as much as everyone else. It's such an awesome world with such an interesting story. But the part where you played it just didn't live up to all the great stuff that surrounded it. Great game, but can't help but feel it could have been one of the greatest ever had it played a little better.

Also, to everyone saying "BioShock finally getting the attention it deserves!" you're an idiot. It was Drew's GOTY too and the only list it didn't appear on was Patrick's.

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As always, Alex delivers my favorite staff list of the year.

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Those Mailbag vids in the old Whiskey office were the goddamn best. Ryan was just too good at describing the crazy packages. Fuck, I just flat out miss the guy.

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A frog in freshman year Bio and a cat in senior year Anatomy.

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Great list. The Remix of Shabba is a fine choice for SOTY. It makes the original look pretty tame, which is not an easy feat.

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No. It's sixth out of six on my list so far and there are still a few games I haven't played yet.

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No, but I'll likely use my recently acquired funds to buy a 3DS.

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@milkman: How did I know you'd be the dude to post RTJ?

I hope everyone has a great holiday. This was a rough year for everyone here but we stuck together through it. Now time for Die Hard.

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  • Solid song selection with the radio.
  • Heists are awesome.
  • Being able to flip your car with the analog stick (as silly as it may look it's super helpful).
  • Good variety in the environment. It's not like GTA IV where the differences from the different places are really minute. From the main city, the beach, the forest area, the trailer parks, a lot of places look very different from each other which is nice.
  • Modding guns is fun.
  • The game runs and looks great.
  • Shooting sequences in missions are a lot of fun.
  • Fucking checkpoints thank fucking god they added checkpoints.
  • Driving is good.
  • The back and forth dialogue, as always, is sharp and fun.
  • Lamar.


  • You are way too fragile.
  • Getting into it with the cops is probably the least fun it's ever been in a GTA game, mostly because of the aforementioned fragility. You die too easily for it to be any fun. And it takes too long to lose your wanted level.
  • Not getting any money for completing missions is a poor design decision in my mind. The stock market was cool addition, but I feel like it's mandatory if you want to make any money between heists.
  • There aren't enough heists.
  • The FIB storyline is entirely too long and not at all interesting.
  • The garage system is bad. I would have preferred it to be ripped from Saints Row. You mod a car, it gets added to that character's list of cars and they can get that car from any garage, no matter where they last left it, in pristine condition.
  • A lot of the writing is just... off. The torture sequence is just bad. Most of the satire falls flat on its face. Character development is lacking. I definitely picked up on some of the racism/sexism/transphobia.
  • I haven't had any desire to play this game for a couple weeks, which could be me, or it could be a fault of the game.
  • Flying planes is way too goddamn hard, even with Trevor.
  • Buying clothes by manually walking up to them in a store seems like a dumb/pretentious Rockstar decisions. There couldn't be a menu to sort through this stuff?
  • Those random missions that pop up are a pain. I want to do them, but I'm not always in the mood for a mission. It would be nice if they stuck around instead of being gone if you go past them.
  • There needs to be some feedback when I'm leveling up my stats. I get told when I take it to the next bracket (i.e. 80 to 100), but I want to know when and how much I am leveling up by doing things.
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@hunter5024 said:

Its a classic, but if I never saw it again, I would be totally okay with that.

@arbitrarywater said:

It's fantastic, but I've seen it enough times that I'd be fine never seeing it again.

I agree with these gentlemen.

I agree with this gentleman who agreed with those gentlemen.