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I think DoctorDr is right that its just the videos that require the tricaster. I'll keep that in mind the next time it happens to make sure.

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It seems like old arcade, pc, and japanese games are the place to look for adding new stuff not on the task page. Pretty much anything that is going to be covered by Giantbomb in the podcast or quicklook is pretty much pointless to even try.

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 Tron, Popeye, and Atari Star Wars are three games I always wanted to play but have never been able to.  Somehow downloading a ROM on MAME just doesn't seem like it would do them justice.  It would have been great to be able to go to a place like that.
Also it baffles me why someone would be wasting time playing a game like bubbles when theres so many great games you can be playing at that event, even if you had to wait in line.

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So to properly play i have to pay $130 for myself, $210 for me and a friend, or $370 for me and 3 friends.  Yeah that's too pricey.  In 2006 i bought a Wii and a proper controller for a friend for $310, so when you look at it like that the wii system itself only cost me $100.
Also the new ps3 + move bundle costs exactly the same and has the exact same stuff as a ps3 and move set bought separately?  wtf?

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Looks like PS3 version confirmed here:

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So where did episode 3 go, and why did I pay 50$ for 4 levels?  I guess I wrongly assumed L4D was going to get the same treatment TF2 got and am paying for it.

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At first I was disappointed because I wanted kojima to be working on a new IP, but in a way this might be the same thing, because I imagine the gameplay will be radically different then the other MGSs because new raiden never seemed to be the sneaking type.  So i will hold my hype or disappointment till we get some gameplay info or trailers.