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Because of the audio added this was probably one of my favorite episodes ever.

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Wait, how does that work? You just walk in and say "I want to pick up my PS4 early. Don't want to have to worry about it later." And they just give it to you? I'm suspicious.

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I played this game for the first time over the summer, and it's definitely still worth playing. If you play on easy it's pretty quick. Just knock it out!

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This was just about the last thing I expected to see when I got up this afternoon. We'll miss you, Ryan.

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@davidwitten22: I don't either. I wasn't ever on any other gaming forums, but here I am. I Never felt that a significant portion of the userbase had been banned elsewhere. A vocal minority, sure, but not the majority.

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So you're saying this is the long con? Get us for the rave, get us after the rave?

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I've tried searching on the forums and googling for it, but I've been unable to find it.

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This is my first Monster Hunter (3DS version), and I'm 9 and a half hours into it and really enjoying it. My entire 3DS library consists of games 8-4 Play convinced me to buy on their podcast. This and Fire Emblem is all I own.

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@apathylad: That seems strange, but that's really good to know. I don't play a whole lot of my DS games, so hopefully I can deal with it. I haven't actually put a DS game in yet to see.

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As someone who just picked up the Fire Emblem 3DS bundle, what makes the XL the more popular choice? I always thought the bigger screen with the same resolution would kill it for me, so I opted for the original size, though getting a game bundled in helped. (I don't think they had any other bundles in stock where I bought mine.)