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Unbelievably good. 0

Sometimes a game comes along that is just a cut above the rest. Skyrim is one of those games.Yes there are bugs. Yes there are glitched, game-breaking quests. No, none of that matters. The gameplay itself is so well designed, the world so expansive, and the story so engrossing that before you know it dozens upon dozens of hours will be gone into this game and you'll just keep coming back for more.I really don't know what it will take for me to finally get sick of this game, because there is no e...

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The Best Game Ever Created. Ever. 0

I'm going to assume you're reading this review simply because you have played the game, loved it, and want to hear other people gushing about it because you have no one else to talk to about how great it is.  Your family doesn't understand what made you spend the last 80 hours holed up in your basement, but that's not important.  You just finished the greatest game ever made.  Ever.If by some cruel twist of fate you have not had the opportunity to play this game, you owe it to yourself and to th...

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Brutally intense and constantly riveting WWII action 0

Call of Duty 2 is a game that came out with fairly high expectations after all the Game of the Year honors that the original Call of Duty garnered. While it does not blow any of those expectations away, it certainly meets them. This game is incredibly intense from start to finish (which takes somewhere between 12 to 15 hours on normal difficulty, by the way), and the action is pretty much non-stop. If there was ever a game whose simulation of the maelstrom of war made you want to huddle in a co...

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Horrific. And not the good kind of horrific. 0

Let me start by saying I am not a fan of this game.  You knew that already by looking at the rating, but I just want to get it out there so you're not expecting much of anything positive in here.  This game is utter shit, and I aim to show you why. Let us go over what this game promised, shall we? This game was supposed to resurrect the dying Turok franchise and was supposed to have revolutionary AI, lifelike graphics, innovative gameplay, etc etc.  I understand that's quite a bit to promise, so...

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