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Well hello there, fellow Giantbomb user!

In the middle of this site-changing madness, i've decided to start blogging a little.. This decision is mostly due to the fact that i'm currently unemployed and have alot of extra time on my hands, but also because i want to polish my writing skills a little. English is not my first language, and since i haven't used it for some time, i thought this was a good way to do it.

I know there are alot of other people writing stuff about games on this site, and i don't really expect any response to most of my posts. Feedback on both grammar and content is definitely welcomed, but again, not really expected.

I figured i'd write a little something about myself, giving you guys and gals some context as to who i am and what to expect from this blog.

I'm a man in the middle of my twenties, living with my soon-to-be wife, in Denmark. For those of you who don't know, Denmark is a country in the region of Scandinavia. If that doesn't help you, look at a map of Europe and then look north. If you don't know where Europe is, i strongly suggest you get out some more.

I'm mainly an Xbox 360 gamer, but consider myself pretty well informed about whats happening in the gaming world in general. I'm not an Xbox 360 "fanboy", and i would play PS3 or PC if i had the cash. I'm not, however, a fan of Nintendos products. I don't think they make bad stuff, it just doesn't interest me.

Since games here in Denmark are expensive as hell, i'm using a renting service similar to "Gamefly". It saves me alot of money, but also makes it very unpredictable, since i can't be sure what games i will get next. It also means that i can be a little "Late to the party" when i write about a game. This is mainly due to the demand for the bigger titles, which means some games can be hard to get my hands on. I have, as an example, not played Battlefield 3 yet. It is on my list, but demand is very high for that game still. I don't really play multiplayer shooters for that long, so i don't really mind not playing that game when everyone else were.

I't not always like that though. Sometimes i get a game within days of its release, no matter how high demand is. It's all just a matter of luck.

I play pretty much every genre i can get my hands on, but i have a tendency to get a little "shooter-fatigue" from time to time. Not real big on sports games unless they go outside the box, but besides that i'm open minded about most genres.

My blog posts will mainly be thoughts on a game i just finished. I've just played through Doom 3 - BFG Edition, so expect some words on that soon. As mentioned above, i'm currently playing Alice: Madness Returns, and in preparation for that game, i played the original American McGee's Alice, so expect some words on that also.

I'll probably write some blogs not about specific games, but more on a concept or a trend. I might even do a couple not about gaming at all.

Well, that about explains it. Expect some stuff about games, and maybe some stuff not about games. I usually go for a writing style with some light humor in the mix, yet still trying to keep it serious and informative.

I think that about sums it up. I'd love some feedback on my posts, be it positive or negative, so feel free to post your thoughts. Just keep it constructive. Don't hold back on the grammar corrections either since i'm doing this to get better.

I'll let you get back to your regular gaming website stuff now, this became a little longer than i thought it would.

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