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I've had three different girls having a crush on me at three different jobs.. All three ended the same way.. Dated for a few weeks, but it didn't work out..

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Denmark (Home)









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It been great! I've been especially enjoying the Alex/Vinny QL's.. They work better together than i expected..

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@stokes said:

Mirrors Edge. I actually thought it was just a bad game and never even finished it.

This is my answer too.. I really tried to like that game, but it just didn't work out..

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@fredchuckdave: but aren't the stats basically linked to the GF's? The characters themselves seem to mostly differ by their special moves, or did i miss something?

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@jimmyfenix: Well, since i'm from Denmark, its about 25 danish kroner, but look it up since that probably don't make any sense to you at all.. :)

@wintersnowblind: Thanks for the info.. The original PS1 game is also on sale for almost the same price (a little cheaper though), so i might get that instead.. :)

I don't remember much of the game, due to the fact that i wasn't that old when it came out.. don't think i played any more than a couple of hours of it..

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@gamefreak9: Well, my characters are very uneven leveled with Squall being about 10 levels above everyone else.. So far though, i haven't had any troubles with the difficulty..

Unless i run into trouble, i'm definitely not going to grind at all.. the only thing i grind, is drawing magic over and over again if i encounter an enemy that has a magic i don't have a 100 of with all active party members..

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Reviews on metacritic (which is the only information i can find about it), doesn't make it sound all that good..

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Great! I've also been stocking up on magic, and BOY that helps out a lot..

But i'll junction all my GF's to my active party and hope for the best! Thanks :)

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This game is on sale on PS Plus right now (at least in Europe anyways), but what is it and is it any good?

It says on the playstation store that it is a remake of the original, but is it an up-ressed version or is it a full remake?