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This is the first time I've ever cried to the death of someone I didn't know personally. His loss is a loss to everyone who ever got even bit of his amazing personality. My best goes to everyone there at giant bomb and his wife.

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So.... 6 months left until Xbox One release date and the captain of the ship is already abandoning it before it even has a chance to leave the port? :)

I would bet good money that there was huge internal pressure for him to leave. Him leaving for Zynga is just a way to have both himself and Microsoft save face from a public firing, which would amount to admitting that they already failed with the XBO to date.

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Just realized there's probably no hard drive in that thing....I am dissapoint :(

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I figured it was an ironic statement. Like if someone asks how the new website was going they could say "Its a giant bomb..." in case it failed, they could atleast find it a hilariously appropriate name.

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There are only two sites that I don't have ABP for, Giant Bomb and google.

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This finally became 1000% more win!

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@Supermarius: I meant you don't lose anything if they incorporate 3d, but you choose not to use it. The horsepower loss is only when you use the 3d.
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@Wick: So what? You don't have to buy it
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Bring out Kevin Butler!

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Ugh, too many people putting down 3d. Its an optional feature, you won't lose anything by them incorporating this feature for people who do want it.