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Not sure if this thread is still active, but are people grabbing the stuff off personal twitch accounts as well? I noticed a few un-archived daily dotas on Brad's page as well as some good stuff on both Jeff and Ryan's.

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Guess I probably should get to playing VLR & 999. I'm a huge fan of VN's (Ever 17, Clannad, & Katawa Shoujo are masterpieces) but I've just never got around to those two.

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So the new Eva movie has a full camrip now. Anyone else watch it yet? No spoilers of course. Also Asuka confirmed for best girl.

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Been going back and listening to some old favorites recently like Godspeed You! Black Emporor's F♯ A♯ ∞ & Title Fight's Shed.

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There is a video on his Facebook of him & a friend playing GTA4. Get ready for Video Games to be blamed!

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New trailer. Get Excited! Coming out on March 12th. Surprised they've made enough money on these games to localize a third one.

Edit: For some reason it's not embedding the trailer. Oh well.

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Off-topic, but not entirely. who is your avatar? I've seen that character on other anime boards before but could never find out where she's from.

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@NlGHTCRAWLER: sure, or any convention.

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At most panels I've seen/been to they feature a questions & answers portion near the end where fans ask questions and the panelists... wait why am I trying to explain this? Anyways, I really hate these. This is usually the part where I get up & leave or turn it off. Sure in premise is a good idea, fan interaction. But there is always that one person who ruins it by asking the really awkward/stupid/embarrassing question trying to be smart & cute. I was wondering if you duders have ever seen a Q&A session like this that went horribly wrong, & if so what happened? Links get bonus points.

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Well that was fun but looks like I'm out. Good games to & :)