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I'm pretty happy about this. Now I don't have to get a WiiU. Sorry Nintendo.

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I wrote way to much:

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I got it during the sale over the weekend and I have been playing through on easy as I have never really played a turn based strategy game and "easy" is a good difficulty for a first time player for the first time through the game. It's not overly challenging, but I have still had several missions go horribly. I look forward to cranking up the difficulty after I have finished my first playthrough.

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Love me some Locus helmet.
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GT: A Mini Me

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Yeah I just started a new game on Ep. 4 and the default choices from Ep. 3 seem to be the exact same ones that I made. So that's nice. But still, it would have been preferred if it had not done what it did.

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So I just booted up Episode 4 on my 360 and went through the usual process to start playing Episode 4 and when I hit play the game decided to start a brand new game from Episode 1 and it overwrote my save file. There was a suggested fix but that didn't do anything. Now every choice and line of dialogue that I stressed about over the last several months is gone. That's pretty lame.

I love video games a whole lot and have been absolutely loving The Walking Dead but it is things like this that just piss me off and make me, occasionally, hate video games.