GOTY 2012

This was an interesting year for games. Going into 2012 after the high that was 2011 I wasn't terribly excited for more than a handful of games. Seven of the ten games on this list were games that I didn't think I was going to care for. I suppose that 2012 in gaming, for me, was the year of pleasant surprises. Also interesting is the balance of sequels and new IP's. I've got five numbered sequels, two reboots, and three new IP's. It's crazy to see three very high quality new IP's showing up so close to the end of the generation of consoles. 2012 certainly wasn't the best year in gaming, but it was another hell of a year that was consistently surprising.

I was also surprised at how tough this list was to make this year. In years past the top five games have been the tough ones to decide on, but this year I knew exactly what my top five games were, the tough decisions came in deciding what games would get the 10 through 6 spots. It was tough because there were a comfortable ten games (outside of my top 5) that I really enjoyed this year and choosing only five of them was tricky. But enough blabbering, let's get on with the list.

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