Visual Novels and how I may now have an internet Stalker.

If you look at the Steam free to play section right now you will likely see the game "Everlasting Summer" a visual novel game / dating sim. Whatever you want to call them. I checked YouTube for videos to see what it was exactly, I got nothing back that wasn't in Russian, or some live action movie and possibly a song. I became more curios as the lack of information surfaced. So I got it into my head to play it and record every second and upload it to my terrible YouTube channel. Mistakes have been made.

I guess I should mention that prior to Everlasting Summer I had only ever played one game in the genre: Rising Angels Reborn. Which was f*cking awesome. I would liken it to a small scale mass effect like adventure with a cast of anthropomorphic characters, rocking music and hard choices. Aside from the "game play" the games have nothing else in common. So I at least knew how to play Everlasting Summer.

Without going into to much detail about the game and spoiling everything: Your play as some scumbag of a main character (At least initially) who goes to a summer camp for 7 days. Then it's dating time. Pick your girls and such. I made my choice early on, it was easy: The girl in question was completely insane and lived up to my expectations making things explode, picking fights and generally being a jerk. I seem to have the same dating habits in games as I do in reality: bad ones. But since it's a game I didn't end up picking glass shards out of a head wound when things were over.

And now let's get to the real deal: There is a dood who is posting on every video, multiple times, minutes apart, non stop since the first video went up. I marathon-ed the game and beat it in 3 days (most of which was spent editing the videos together) and he has commented on nearly everything, from errors I make to apologizing for the occasionally terrible fan subs, or clarifying some of the translations which he apparently payed for? And then I went to far. In the penultimate episode he commented on how the game was not over after I beat it, that I had to keep playing it to get the final, true ending. I told him, in short: "I'm done, I had my laughs and have no intention of making more videos or continuing to play." And now he is mad. Continuing to spam posts on the video... So yeah. I guess I just got a one in one millionth taste of the crap "Professional" youtube personalities (and the giant bomb staff) likely get on a daily basis. I'm probably going to slink away for a while after posting the final episode tomorrow morning and try and block this dood out because he is spamming the hell out of my Google+ notifications. Which I can't seem to shut down! Oh well, stupid crap happens to us all.

Alright Alisa, bring your crazy face and let's get out of here.


First Blog Entry: OUT OF ROOM!

It's my first blog entry! (Yay?)

Greetings to myself and whoever may be reading this. I feel really really bad right now about something that's probably really silly. I just put my Nintendo 64 on the floor. That makes me a little depressed and a little distraught. Why is it on the floor and not one of the other 9 consoles I currently have plugged into my TV? Because I ran out of room in my designated game room when I was given a new PVR with my new internet subscription. The PVR, which I didn't want, had to go somewhere because another member of my house begged me to get it when I upgraded my internet quality / subscription. (100mb/s for the same price as my former BS 9mb/s connection from a different provider) So the PVR went under my N64, being the exact same size I thought it would be fine. I was wrong. The PVR get's insanely hot, to the point it knocked out my N64 and I could not get it to power back up for several hours when it had cooled back down to room temperature. During that time I left the N64 lying on the floor, still plugged in. And I started to feel really bad.

For the first time in my life, I had so much video game stuff it was lying on the floor without a place of it's own. I fell to my knee's and nearly shouted "What am I doing with my life!" I have run out of space to put usable video game stuff. Thanks PVR for making me question my love of video games and making me take apart my game room to put stuff in storage.

Here's a messy picture of what should be a corner in my game room while I clean and fix an outlet that suddenly died as well. CURSE YOU PVR!

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