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2 hours.

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It's a fighting game thing.

Example: I picked up USF4 (Disk version) when it came out a few days ago and in the 80 or so matches i've played against "Same skill" opponents all of them appear to have 100+ wins with they're character and know how to juggle me into they're ultra or hit me so fast I can't react. The 8 times I've won it's been by the skin of my teeth and being really lucky with a wake up ultra / whatever trick I can come up with at the time to get the kill shot.

Fighting games are evil man. And the people who play them, really play them. Keep at it, eventually something might click or the matching service will work it self out in your favor and you will get some decent matches.

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Thanks @lego_my_eggo ! I did not set my account as the primary. going to go delete my profile right now!

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Backstory: I've been staying at a friends for a week taking care of his pets while he goes on vacation. I logged into my PSN account on his PS4 and played some games, got some trophies and stuff. So... do I just delete my account from the PS4 user selection now that I'm done or do I need to do anything specific to un sync my account from his PS4?Just making sure. I'm only staying at his place for another day so I want to get my account of his PS4 before I leave.

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Shovel Knight is Awesome! ...Good split on the sales too! No one system lost out or dominated. That's real cool!

Also i'm the only dood who bought it on GOG apparently.

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I just want Juri's... it's like a bunny girl costume? Not sure, just want it. Still waiting for the USF4 disk to come out because I'm crazy.

Oh and a sequel to Assassins fist is probably the best thing ever. That too.

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My ps3 slim makes some noise: The fan spins, you can hear the disk spinning and the case occasionally makes a creaking sound. (I guess the plastic is expanding or contracting because of heat?) Had it since about the time the Slim first came out. I'm sitting about 6 or 7 feet from the console.

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Thank you so much! I wanted to play Sims 2 again but didn't want to juggle a million disks and cd keys to get it up and running.

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@turambar said:

Polygon has a some general details regarding the first dlc, Crown of the Sunken King, up here.

My big main take-aways:

- The dlc starts from the Black Gulch.

- 3 main areas total, multiple bosses.

- One of the areas sounds very vertical in design, kind of like the Catacombs from DkS1

- Flying enemies that shoot equipment dissolving acid upon death.

- A bunch of status ailment based enemies in general.

- The final boss is not going to be yet another guy in armor with a big mace sword.

I highly doubt the last one. HIGHLY. Wait... multiple bosses? Okay, all the rest will be big armored guys with big mace sword except the final dlc boss.

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Just give me some art work of random characters and a few in game screenshots of persona's and I'll be happy. And hopefully release it close to parity with the Japanese launch so no spoilers?