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For those of you considering presting to 11+ i recommend you read this first (link redacted by moderator)

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the GT is ( Yuuppp i )

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@Potts: Hey before you cycle back around I never got any thanks!

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@OldManLight: I was talking about this shotguns effectiveness over the others in hardcore... try using a shotgun in hardcore and you'll see you get plenty hitmakers because of their small range. If you want to see my "skills" check out the the channel and watch the multiple M.O.A.B's I have in FFA...

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So this is my newest post just getting back from winter break. I'm strating a new series where I will be uploading 1 or more MOAB's a week with different guns and on different maps. The urpose being to show everyone how to play FFA more successfully and of course for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to leave comments on here or on the youtube video with your sugeestions for guns or if there's a map any of you want to see. Also if you would like to play with me message me your gamertag and ill do my best to invite you guys to some games. Thanks and hope you enjoy!

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@Potts: GT: Yuuppp I

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So this is my first gameplay with the KSG 12 and as you'll see I think its the best shotgun to use in any hardcore game type. In this video I talk about how to effectively use shotguns in hardcore as well as some tips how to play smarter and better on seatown. (Note: If anyone has unlocked range for the KSG 12 let me know! I really want to know how much the range is actually affected)

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@tunaburn: i def agree with what you saying i find myself just run and gunning most of the time the only thing i try to figure out is the spawns (kind of l what i do in halo as well)

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This first of my rush routes and strategies for search and destroy. I try to show what routes to run and also just a general guide to doing in well in SND. Rushing to me is the most effective way to play this game type. If you agree, disagree, or have your own routes and spots for this map feel free to comment or leave a video response. let me know what you think!

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@tunaburn: Thanks for the feedback