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@winternet: We're all quite aware of the intent behind your trollish comment. Thanks for your contribution to the discussion.

@fattony12000: Yeah, focus on the one creepy list why doncha :) Like we don't all want an army of Ninja Babes at our beck and call. Heck, I bet even ninja babes wish they had an army of ninja babes at their beck and call. I'm just honest about it.

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Yeah. Really hating the new Giantbomb layoout. But since it's been crammed down my throat, i'm trying to deal.

My main issue right now is I can't figure out how to add pages to my lists anymore, because for some bizarre reason the nice simple "Add to a list" button that once stood in plain view besides the "edit this page" button is gone.

So...can someone tell me how to add pages to lists now?

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I loved this game. Wish they'd make another one like it for current gen systems