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In preparation for the goty podcasts, I have been listening to the 2008-2011 podcasts. While excited for the new year of debates, Ryan was an excellent master of ceremonies and will be deeply missed.

Which brings up another question: what are your favorite goty deliberations? Mine has to be 2011 between Jeff and brad regarding skyrim and saints row.

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Hey guys,

By the grace of God, I somehow got a pass to E3. Are there are any group hangouts around the LA area for the show? Would love to interact with people from the same community; have a good one guys!

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The longest part was not the ordering, but what should be included or not (which is not usually the case). However, the process of selecting the games seemed arbitrary compared to past years. Why are reviews not considered when ordering games? For example, if AC4 is on the list (4 stars) while Super Mario is not, it brings up concern from my perspective. The same goes with DMC; why was that not on the list?

While the discussions are entertaining, the process is starting to lose that spark from the great deliberations like in 2011.

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It would be nice to have and play these games on their original consoles, but some of them are so nutty-expensive. I just couldn't pay that much, especially when many of these games are available on the Wii virtual console and almost all of them are available via emulation.

If I were to win the lottery or something, I would certainly build up an enviable collection, I just have neither the money nor the time to justify $150 for Earthbound or, like, $400 for a new copy of Super Metroid to replace the one that I can't seem to find.

Yeah they are haha. That is the most expensive game I have ever or will ever buy.

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Well, it happened again. I saw Patrick post the story about Earthbound this week. In my stupid fascination, I wanted to get Earthbound for the Super Nintendo. $150 later, I now have Earthbound haha

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Hey guys!

After my deployment to the Middle East, I was determined to buy a Super Nintendo. For years, I have always wanted to play a Super Nintendo the way it was meant to be played: on a couch with the original controller and game console. I have most of the remastered copies, but I never actually owned the system. Even though I had five copies of Super Mario World, I had to have the original copy on a Super Nintendo. Maybe it was to show my Videogame geekness to friends and family, I am not sure. Due to this compulsion, I bought a Super Nintendo and have collected over 15 SNES games and a pile of other oddities (Eternal Darkness, Xmen Children of the Atom, Marvel War of the Gems). Some purchases have been worth it (Super Metroid) while others... I do not have time to play them! The problem is this: I buy these old games and systems, put them on a shelf, hook them to the TV, and they gain dust.

It seems like the hunt is more fun than the actual prize. I check availability and Ebay to see if the titles are in stock or not, eventually get them, and never play it! I have three Metroid Prime games to go through!

So, are there any obsessive retro hunters like myself? Are you guys looking for SNES or GC, or is it older like 3DO, Jaguar, Saturn? Just curious to see how the community is with this. Have a good one!

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This is terrible. Rest in Peace Ryan; you are in a better place.

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@Branthog: Its pretty freakin rad

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So I'm not crazy then haha

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Hey guys,

First, hope this is the right place to post this topic. If not, well shit.

Usually I do not use forums, but I loved the GOTY stuff Giant Bomb did this year. So much in fact, I went back and listened to all of their deliberations back to 2008. It is awesome to hear how things were asterisked, shouting matches occurred, and the guest appearances made for an entertaining ride.

Which brings up Mass Effect 3: since it failed to achieve its promise, should they revoke the award? Haha probably not but funny nonetheless.

Another thing I noticed dealt with the placement of Mark of the Ninja and Journey. How can Mark of the Ninja make the top 3 for dlc games, yet get behind Journey which did not make the list? Where is the precedence from the last award?