After countless hours pondering placement and inclusion within a predetermined slot structure, this is my list. Most major genres are represented( some twice), while others are left out because... I did not like the game. Voting criteria includes, gameplay, longevity, lasting appeal, and most importantly, play time. While playtime should be an indisputable requirement, too often lists are void of multiplayer phenomenons. A plethora will argue this list represents heavily from the 32/64 bit era, and this writer is too young to understand the vast scope of videogames before that age. Some will criticize the abundance of Mario games, stating I am a fanboy. While I love Nintendo, fanboy is not part of the equation. While previous generations created the idea, the dream came into fruition in these games. Ocarina of Time created an impressive 3d landscape, with gameplay elements that are still used today( Z-targeting). Marvel vs. Capcom 2, while not the creator of fighting games, made it appeal to an even wider audience with cross-over fighting and hyper combo chains that most thought unfathomable. The tournament scene surrounding that game created EVO! Others will detest the exclusion of one game in particular; Tetris. While it created a foundation of puzzle games that many have copied, it is not one of my favorites. With that in mind, here is the list.

List items