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Shame they forgot to start recording and missed the first half of the PS3 session. Wanted to see it from the other end, atleast I was top player both games although only small matches. I didnt realise they could get so big. Plutonium-239 is my PSN ID

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Its the same engine as GTA4. Maybe they will make a new engine that is more balanced between platforms on their next open world game. Most multiplat games these days there is very little difference or at least no difference your going to notice unless you are staring at them side by side. I think the PS3 is generally always going to be the one suffering slightly. If developers start leading on PS3 taking advantage of the blu ray and all the rest of it then your going to have a larger problem porting down to the 360 then you do going from 360 to PS3. The visual gap would probably be a lot greater in PS3 favour causing probably more outrage.
At least you can see rabbits easier in PS3 though

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Its suprising how many glitches there are in this game, its funny for awhile but I hope they fix it soon. Having random NPCs  levitating 10ft in the air asking you to join them at their camp is sort of fine. Having 10 bandits chargin at you invisible in free roam is kinda worrying.

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I got both DoW2 and Chaos Rising last week, checked out the last stand a couple of days ago and really like it. For anyone that wants to team up add Luparius

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Im in a similar situation. I recently rechecked the unlock time and its updated to 7hrs from now or midnight in other words, so thats a bonus at least.

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There is no good reason why they couldn't have created a system that has dedicated servers and also matchmaking so you have the best experience for everyone.
Its a shame really when you look at the light side of the activision blizzard empire and see what blizzard is doing with and the massive support they are putting in for the community.

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SpikeDelight said:
Well before that nobody had seen anybody move anything big with the Force. So it was pretty big in 1980 when it was released. Now our minds are being tainted with all these other things where guys can throw around whatever they want to and when we go back to Empire it looks like Yoda's underpowered."
Yeah but it never happened at all. In the recent films when the Jedi were at their height you would think they would have shown somin big being moved by Yoda or maybe Anakin. I guess It might have just screwed with peoples minds to much. Why didnt Vader just move the Rebels star ships around crashing them into each other? They could have gotten Yoda to just move the Death Star. Some people would have been asking questions like that
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MB said:
"Thermonuclear said:
 I think moving Star Destroyers is kind of over the top but thats what its about."
Only different in your mind, it is!"
Its just a shame that line never really showed off much in all the films.
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Jedi Knight 2 and 3 were good games but I prefer the faster pace TFU has presented so far. You werent even that powerful in Jedi Knight, early on it was basically just a melee fighting game although you could use blasters and such but that just felt wrong. Your push and pull wasnt much more then a nudge but later in the game when stuff got more powerful it was abit better. One of my favorite move was jumping up and then pulling the enemies, it made them fly high and then fall to their death. To me that felt like one of the most powerful things you could do in the game and I dont know whether it was an intended effect as it was abit obscure the way you had to do it. With TFU you experiance power such as that right from the start and it can only get more powerful. To me that is what a Jedi should be like, I think moving Star Destroyers is kind of over the top but thats what its about.

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If you can just walk around deflecting everything, how exactly are they going to hit you? Assuming you put the 1 hit kill thing in that you want then there is next to no challenge. Move around were they cant hit you then when your near one, you hit him and he dies.

Its funny really because the game is like that somewhat, just the auto deflect isnt 100%. If you want 100%, you have to stand still which I think is a good trade off. You may be able to level up the deflecting to the point were knocking the shots back becomes alot more likely since it does do it in the demo although its kind of rare.