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I love what I've tried out so far. I'm pretty sure my windows desktop will now be replaced by this most of the time. My only complaint is how Non-Steam shortcut game appear in your library. The thumbnail is the same for all of them and until the thumbnail is highlighted the name of the game does not appear. Since i have 30 or so non-steam game this a little bit annoying.

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Now all I can think about it pizza. The deep dish pizza that UNO does are amazing.

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@Clarke: I'd say it's your computer. It almost never crashes on me and I'm usually running Skype and Fraps recording at 1080p. Make sure you have 64-bit Java installed or it will crash a crap ton.

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With Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet coming out last week and Toy Soldiers coming out sometime today, i'd say Iron Brigade could be right around the corner. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet PC was announced a week or two beforehand and Toy Soldiers was announced basically saying its now out. So perhaps next week but who knows. Either way it seems like Microsoft is on a roll releasing PC ports. Oh and i'll say it and I don't care if I get flack for it...I'm happy they are having GFWL. I personally have had little issues with GFWL apart from Halo 2.

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Can i get access please?

user name TheRoadHead

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That Game Podcast - Episode 52 - 10/29/11

We start off by talking about a bunch of random games that we both played over the last week. Alex then end with a game he's finally started, Red Dead Redemption and with no surprise loves. The games just keep coming out so we have another long list to go through. Finally not much gaming news this week but it looks like that R18 rating for Australia that keep in mind was approved will take a while to be put into effect.

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That Game Podcast - Episode 51 - 10/22/11

In this episode Garry explains why he has decided to end his time with World of Tanks, while Alex explains why he's going to take a break from Age of Empires Online for a while. Garry has also been playing Homefront multiplayer, while Alex suffered through The Spiderwick Chronicles. Lots of new releases to talk about this week and a little bit of gaming news. A couple of highlights include newly announced Kinect games which includes Double Fine Production's next "game". Also we've finally gotten the release date outside of Japan for the Playstation Vita.

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That Game Podcast - Episode 50 - 10/16/11

In the 50th episode of the always exciting That Game Podcast we do nothing out of the ordinatary, although that isn't a bad thing. As always we talk about what we've been playing. Which for Garry was Bodycount and Armoured Core 4. For Alex it was a ton of Age of Empires Online, Fruit Ninja Kinect and Game Party: In Motion. The new releases continue to flood out with the highlights being Batman: Arkham City and Skylanders Spyro's Adventure. In the gaming news we have September's sales numbers, Sony annoys us again, Microsoft buys Twisted Pixel and you'll never hear about Qwikster again.

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That Game Podcast - Episode 49 - 10/08/11

Garry is back after being tarty last week, and as usually we go through what we've both been playing this week. Which was really just a mismatch of many games. It's October and that means there is a crap ton of games coming out. So as usually we go over what's coming out and what we are excited for. Not much gaming news, although Rockstar Games is neglecting the PC and Sony can't do anything right as usual.

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