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Scottish here. Personally, I was undecided until very recently, having finally deciding to vote yes. Of course this is a risk and can go either way, but to me it just feels like the right move for Scotland and the Scottish people.

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Xbox 360 - LeGow666. I'll join if there's still room left, thanks.

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R.I.P Ryan. You will be missed.

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Completed the game on solo due to lack of people I know being available to play co-op. Was wondering if anybody would be up for co-op? I'm looking into starting a separate co-op character to try out different classes but open to whatever.

Edit: Forgot to mention it's Xbox 360, my bad.

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XBL: Le Gow

Region: EU

Time: Free most of the time

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UK based here looking for some people to play co-op from start with. GT: Le Gow (playing whenever I get a chance really)

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Happens to the best of us. Apologies were made and hopefully the community can move on.

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This current generation would probably be Mass effect 2 for me personally, the game just had me completely hooked. As far as all time goes I have to go with Final Fantasy 8 (which most people tend to find rather bemusing).

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Thanks for all the comments. I'm going to go with Baldur's Gate and see how it goes.

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@ArbitraryWater: I have played dragon age origins and loved the game which is the main reason for wanting to give these style of games a go. These just seem a lot less forgiving so needing one that will ease me into them.