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  • I don't see anything appealing in Prestige modes in online multiplayer (I find it's basically a new game +++++ but with no extra attributes for except a cooler badge or rank)
  • The Walking Dead is the best game experience in terms of player choice/decision of this generation, over all Mass Effect games, Dragon Age and others.
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Ones with 2D text.

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Probably Carley's, just due to the fact that my whole thought process in my decisions changed after this death. Before that, I was always trying to be a mediator between Kenny and Lilly, and never really taking sides, which somewhat bites me in the ass with Kenny in the later episodes, and after Lilly killed Carley, my whole thought dynamic changed immediately. I didn't let Lilly in the RV right off the bat without second thinking about it, and spent the rest of my time trying to get on Kenny's good side, especially later when Duck and Katya die.

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I teared up a bit at the last scene of the Ep 5, and that folk song that plays during the credits does not help at all. That song sends chills down my spine now.

I didn't really feel anything with Duck at Ep 3. though, I tried getting him killed since the very beginning of Ep.1 and was trying to get rid of him the whole time. I was very shocked by Katya though.

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I will always be excited for a Saints Row/GTA/Sleeping Dogs game. I am pretty excited to play this game. It's really the only other game besides SimCity that I am really looking forward to playing in 2013.

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HAHAHA, not even really sure how to react to that video to be honest.

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Bioshock: I remember when my character was just floating in water and not moving for a long time, because I didn't realize that the cutscene stopped and that I was in-game.

Enslaved: The whole first level where the airship is breaking up in flight and you're traversing your way along it is awesome.

Gears of War: Just because it was the first 360 game I played.

Goldeneye: Motherfucking Dam Yo

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1 Playstation 2: My NHL 2002 disc got stuck in the system, it finally opened one time and let the disc out, but the drive never opened or closed after that.

4 Xbox 360s all to RROD's. I ended up switching to the 360 Slim 2 years ago and haven't had any problem with this one at all.

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This is my favorite article of all time.

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@msavo: Yeah Jeff Green is safe, he tweeted that he still has his job.