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@flstyle: A little late, but I needed some inspiration.

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I feel that unless it's completely pitch-black, those things makes me see worse, and using them in vicinity of any enemy seems like suicide. I guess they're there for when you run out of batteries for your torch, but that hasn't happened to me yet.

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Gorgeous game that ran at a stable 60fps on my older machine (2x Radeon HD6950 2GB, i5 2500K) with everything maxed, save for AA, which was a pleasant surprise. The story was okay, nothing special, but the voice acting was kind of distracting. The sound and art design complemented by technical side of things certainly makes up for that though.

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I thought they were serviceable. Short and varied enough not to overstay their welcome, but not interesting enough for me to get invested in the storyline. I certainly prefer them to how many other open world games (Assassin's Creed) handles them.

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So after a long break I finally decided to start playing Skyrim again.

Everything went relatively smooth until I tried starting it with Crossfire. It worked, but it played a lot worse than it did with only one card.

After I exited the session I tried starting it again, this time with Crossfire disabled.

It wouldn't start. I only get a small window up in the corner of the screen and after a second or two an error message saying that it crashed appears.

I looked around and it seems to have something to do with the RendererInfo.txt located in Documents\My Games\Skyrim.

When I open it after a Crossfire session everything appears as normal, however if I try to launch it with Crossfire disabled and then open it, it's completely empty.

Does anyone know what's causing this? And how do I fix it?

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What's convincing about your argument? You stated a lot of things, but you provided no facts to back them up.

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Had one a couple of weeks ago.

Some pretty intense swelling during the week after the surgery. You have to breath to tubes they put into your nose for the first couple of days (they remove the other stuff they shoved in there too when they remove them).

The pain was manageable, the discomfort caused by the pipes however made it so that I couldn't sleep more than a couple of hours each night.

You should get painkillers prescribed, though I didn't really need them all that much.

The actual operation was almost completely painless. I was on local anaesthesia and awake during it all; it feels a little weird when they're chiseling/hammering away inside your skull, but that's it.

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Awesome, been looking forward to this.