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Skyrim is a CPU hog, I'm not sure if that processor would be able to handle it.

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I really don't think you're in a position to criticize someone for making logical fallacies, as you seem to be basing most of your arguments on presumptions.

I'm not taking a stance, just pointing that out.

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Any future Batman games involving Mark Hamill as the Joker.

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Been playing with everything maxed out @ 1900x1080. I feel like they went a little overboard with some of the effects and the textures can be somewhat shoddy in some places, other than that it looks great, though.

It's a shame it's impossible to force it to use AA.

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@TheDudeOfGaming: There're plenty of things they could have done to spice up the faction diversity.

The units really didn't need to be the same, since they are all made up.

"They're all Japanese" isn't really a valid argument, since the clans of feudal Japan actually weren't all the same.

Like all of the Total War games, there isn't a huge focus on historical accuracy, so it's not like they were limited by that.

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What did Vinny say?

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@AjayRaz: I have something better:

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@warxsnake said:

@Ramone said:

Flyable Dragons is all I ask for. Although I suspect that the whole game would explode if they tried to do this.

Not hard to do game design wise, doable even at mod-level. You just have to make sure the dragon is flying slower than the rate determined by the engine for streaming in assets (so that you don't get invisible terrain and shit not loading because its not in memory yet). Also a mod has to account for the lack of gameplay mechanics and animations when on a dragon and do something about that.

The problem with this is that walled towns are in separate worldspaces. So if you tried to fly over one it would look like shit, and you wouldn't be able to land in it. So if Bethesda would make this as a DLC they would either have to incorporate the towns into the "Skyrim" cell (which would be a fucking hassle) or somehow make it so that you wouldn't be able to fly too close to towns.

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@Mustard: I have the disc version of Morrowind from when it first came out and then it shipped on a separate disk. I have no idea how it works with the Steam version.

I know that Oblivion's CS is available for free on the internet, but I'm not sure if that's the case with Morrowind.