My Top 12 Games

At the moment. Only one per franchise.

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Posted by mylifeforAiur

Wow. Monkey Island, grim Fandango and Silent Hill 2. great list!!  

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@mylifeforAiur: Thanks! :D
Posted by DoctorOptimist

You have good taste. However, I haven't played the 11th game you've listed.

Posted by TheSeductiveMoose
@DoctorOptimist: Thanks! It's definitely not a game for everyone, but if you're looking for a very deep and unique game, and don't mind a very crappy translation and subpar gameplay, this might be it.
Posted by Underachiever007

These are some pretty good picks.

Posted by TheSeductiveMoose
@Underachiever007:  Thanks :)
Posted by fisk0

Great list, almost all lists lack the original Command & Conquer though, but it's great to see a little love for Unreal Tournament, which in my opinion was much more enjoyable than Quake III.

Posted by Penelope

I love a fellow retro gamer.

Makes me feel way too much shame about never finishing Grim Fandango. D: