I'll Probably Buy It

Yes I will probably buy the DSI because my original DS has some hardware malfunctions and somebody stole my DS lite. I also love some of the new features (Although games like Guitar Hero probably won't work on the DSI) but I'm someone who carries their portable systems around with them but I hate carrying a camera with me. Now I got my MP3 player,Camera,and game system all in one package. And plus this will be the perfect oppurtunity for me to pick up some new games for it like the Fire Emblem Remake. Also what can go wrong with SD storage and a DS download channel?


The DS Is Fine Except One Thing...

I'd like to have some kind of removable storage for the new DS because me and my friend's are always lending each other games and it especially gets bad with games like Animal Crossing because there are no save files. Sure an Mp3 player or a camera would be nice but it's not a neccessity for me.


My First Blog

Well I've only been on the site for about 10 minutes but I've already written a review for Bully: Scholarship Edition. I'm not quite sure if I'm going to stick around here for a long time but I probably will.

Thats all for now, Peace