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A Solid RPG 0

Dark Alliance is a GBA RPG that pits you as one of 3 classes, plus a secret class you unlock at the end of the game, for a nice portable experience. The graphics are fairly good for a portable and they are extremely dark and fit the mood at almost all times. The enemies range from giant rats,to trolls, to giant stone golems and you have enough moves so it hardly gets repetitive. It also has good replay value,so you can play through as each class.The storyline is also fairly decent, with you bein...

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One Of The Most Innovative Game I've Ever Played 0

Pikmin 2 is a game that makes you think. Whether it's figuring out how to get your cute but dangerous little buddies across a lake without them drowning, or how to get to a treasure seemingly out of reach you are always thinking about what to do next.I'm sure this game isn't for everyone but I for one loved it! The Pikmin themselves look like cute little pets but when you send them after an enemy they turn into bloodthirsty little creatures that are capable of knocking down sold walls and things...

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One Of My Favorite Storylines In A Game 0

I've just beaten this game today and I've got to say it was one of the best gaming experiences I've had in a long time. The fighting can get a bit repetitive but the deep storyline and action surpases the bad, and the ending was probably the saddest moment in my gaming history. I've never played Final Fantasy VII but if I ever get a chance to buy it, I will definitely buy it because this game opened up my eyes to the Final Fantasy Universe. The loading times are quite fast,and the graphics (Espe...

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WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2008 (Wii) 1

This game had so much potential, but it hardly used any of it. Why release a game with 5 match types, a limited moveset, and pretty much everything about it terrible? Obviously WWE wasn't thinking about that when they made this. I generally love the Smackdown VS Raw series but hopefully we can see this game improve a lot more with 2009 on the way. What this game does do right, it does it fairly well, but not enough to save it from a poor review....

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Bully:Scholarship Edition (Wii) 2

Imagine you are a thug, who gets expelled from nearly every school you went to,your Mother runs off and marries some random guy for his money and then ditches you at the lousiest boarding school on the face of Earth. Now you're in the shoes of the games protagonist, Jimmy Hopkins.Bully is a game that feels like a Grand Theft Auto game at heart, but it has a couple of things you may or may not like. The Wii controls take some time to learn, but when you do it comes so natural you don't even notic...

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