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As others have said, it has my heart with its charm and I do love spending some time with the LBP. games. Having said that, the controls are awful and it is not much actual fun to play. I am so torn on it, but I will definitely get LBP3 if the controls are more responsive and snappier.

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Absolutely agree. It has so much going for it but the framerate problems absolutely cripple everything about it. It seems worse than The Walking Dead's problems on the same front, and it really deflates my enjoyment of the game.

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I think the entire FF XIII sage is the lowest point in the history of the main series (nothing can be worse than All the Bravest), but I appreciate your viewpoint and well written if long article. I look forward to your thoughts on XIII-2 and especially on Lightning Returns once it is out.

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Myself and @jinx1 have not been able to schedule a match that suits us, and after discussion I am forfeiting. Best of luck to both @jinx1 and @darthorange in the losers bracket.

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Myself and @aajf just had 2 battles, one was tense as fuck and the other was quick and decisive!

First game is WZ7G-WWWW-WWW2-U5RP

The second game is GBSW-WWWW-WWW2-U5TR

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GTA V is my favourite game in the series but I completely agree with a lot of what you say here. The story conclusion in particular left me wanting a lot more and I could not help but be disappointed after the perfect way Red Dead Redemption finished and even the superior ending of IV. I really like GTA V and it will certainly be in my top ten of the year, and Trevor is one of my favourite characters in games now, but man it has a helluva lot of faults.

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Signed up. I am only on the fourth gym but I am in the midst of a push to get a more varied team together so this should be a lot of fun.

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Friend Code: 5198 - 2654 - 1659

Nickname: Proto

Version: Pokemon Y

Table/PM's are fine

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  1. The Last of Us
  2. Bioshock Infinite
  3. Europa Universalis IV
  4. Rayman Legends
  5. DMC Devil May Cry

I expect Rome II, GTA V and hopefully Watch Dogs to have a shot at changing this up, and I have yet to play Tomb Raider, Heart of the Swarm, Gone Home or finish Fire Emblem Awakening. I also think that Killzone Shadow Fall, if pulled off right, could be incredible.