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I would get it on PS3 since I have a PS3. But I'm kind of a graphics whore so I might hold off on it until I get a PS4.

Or just say 'fuck it', get it on PS3 and then get it again on PS4, seeing as how I'm already buying Steam versions of some games that I used to have on PS3 and 360.

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Eh. He looks kinda like the previous male characters only with different hair and glasses.

Though he can probably rock a school girl outfit better than Charlie.

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It ran fine for me on PS3. Though, this was my first time playing it two months ago after a 6GB patch.

So hey. It's cool for those who missed out on it and have a current gen system. I'll be getting a new PC sometime next winter so I'm more excited about the Gat out of Hell announcement.

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Honestly, I burned out on GTA years ago, and I can enjoy Saints 2 as much as 3, so I'll be fine as long as I can get some shit started.

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Tamriel Rebuilt's name generator for fantasy RPGs. Whatever generic-ass common name that I come up with at the time for sci fi. And I usually go with the canon name for Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Persona and so on.

As far as I'm concerned, Charlie Tunoku is canon to P4.

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@professork said:

Is it too early to say PSO2 in the US? Yes? Fuck it, I'm going with that game anyway.

I'm callin' it as well. Sure, I could try to play with the English patch and find the server where people speak English in order to get in five minutes of playing before inevitably getting banned, but some hoops just aren't worth jumping through.

Sega don't care.

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Closed my account almost two years ago. I just don't have a use for it.

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Totally glad that I'm building a PC for this generation.

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I pretty much am that person, mostly because I don't really know how to have conversions with people beyond "Hey, how you doin'?"

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So... Dragon's Dogma?