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I got a free copy of Bastion for Steam but didn't play it all that much.

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360 controller, but I want to go pure mouse and keyboard. Switching back and forth between a controller for gameplay and a mouse for menu navigation gets a little annoying.

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CPUIntel Celeron G1840


Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H
RAMG.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 4GB (2 x 2GB)
PSUCorsair CX500M
Hard DriveSome Toshiba 250GB drive from an old laptop
Disc Drive

Asus DRW-24B1ST

CaseRosewill Blackhawk
Operating SystemWindows 7 Pro 64-bit

Not the most impressive setup, I know, but I wanted something for Fallout 3, Skyrim, Tera Online and other older games. I only had around $500 to spend and I think I'm getting a pretty good return on it.

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Yeah, the PS3 version is not the optimal version. I noticed the audio cutting out and not being in sync more often compared to my experience with the 360 version, it crashed on me every once in a while, and the save and loading times seem longer.

But I played through it three times and going for four since getting it in June last year so I'm not necessarily complaining.

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Either Dragon's Dogma or Persona 4 Golden sometime last year. They don't best Skyrim for me, but I'd put them in a recent top ten list or something.

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Eventually to satiate my occasional need for playing Pokemon competitively.

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Because they glow.

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Also vouching for making a second save. You seem to be at the point in the game were you can see almost all of the endings by fumbling around.

There is something that I reeeeaaaally want to mention that no one here has and that the GameFAQs guide leaves out, but it would spoil a few things.

Make a second save, but also as far as I know you can't get the best-best ending until you beat the game a second time anyway.

I looked into this and you don't have to do a second run. To get it, you pretty much follow the same process from the original game with one or two extra things to do along the way.

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First thing that comes to mind is him making fun of PSN being down when he first showed up in a few Happy Hours.

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JRPGs. Aside from Persona, I really couldn't care less about the Y's, Tales, Star Ocean, and other series that aren't as popular as Final Fantasy. And as for Final Fantasy and Square in general, FF:XIII really sullied things for me, and Kingdom Hearts was getting too self indulgent after KH2 in my opinion, except for Birth By Sleep I guess.