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Oh... I was hoping that this was going to be more along the lines of this...

Eh. I'll go with Far Cry 2 due to my limited experience with games that have extravagant fire tech.

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I make sure to soak my face in rubbing alcohol afterwards.

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Name: Just one of many that I used to use on GameTrailers over five years ago. It's not even my main online alias anymore and I haven't even posted let alone visited that site in over three years.

Avatar: ...No comment.

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This bodes well as someone with a GTX 750 Ti SC and a 768p display. Not that I'll be picking this up anytime soon since I still have to make some upgrades and play through the first two games (as well as the tens of relatively untouched games in my ever-growing Steam backlog). And looking at Tech of Tomorrow's video, call me crazy, but I can work with low settings until I have the cash for a GTX 900 something card.

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Hold on it it. Gotta get dat Estival Versus.

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It depends on the format/platform and situation.

For PC games: The native resolution for my "monitor" is 1360x768, so I rather have games run at that resolution since lower resolutions look blurry and mess with the color space, while higher resolutions also mess with the color space and hide UI elements. Getting a monitor is on my to-do list, but 144Hz 1080p monitors since I don't care about 4k and going above 60 FPS/Hz would be nice from time to time.

For consoles: Whatever the game was designed at since I'm not big on emulation. I'm not going to buy component cables for my PS2, but I'm more of a 16:9 snob in this regard since there are still a few PS3 HD collections that I still want to pick up.

For internet video: 1080p, unless I just have something on as background noise in which 480p works fine for audio quality.

For video on physical media: I prefer Blu-ray above anything else, but I'm not going to re-buy something if I already have it on DVD. Already went through that with VHS.

For phones: I'm not much of a phone "power user". They're pretty much glorified mp3 players that can occasionally call and text people and check my various e-mail addresses given how I use them. So I can't justify paying hundreds for phones with 1440p screens, or even 1080p since I only two apps on a daily basis. But I can't go lower than 720p since I occasionally like to watch YouTube videos.

...So I guess the TL;DR is 'yes, but within reason.'

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I only played it for an hour or two when I had it on PS3 but learned almost everything about it through forum chatter and videos. It easily makes my list of essential character action games to play along with (most of) the Devil May Cry games, Bayonetta and so on because the gameplay on on that higher level for me in terms of enjoyment. I honestly don't really care about it's common criticisms like "It's not a real Metal Gear game" or that "The story is completely absurd" because I go to character action games for the gameplay and I'm pretty accepting of absurdities in general.

I'll definitely get back into it on PC after an upgrade or two.

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25. Still in college as an art major. Though I'll eventually have a bachelor's in graphic design, I'm more interested in game development. I plan on learning how to use Unreal 4 on the side and see where that takes me in lieu of there being any reputable game design courses or applicable animation courses where I am at the moment.

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Probably follow since I end up watching about four of five hours worth of gaming related videos on a daily basis compared to my occasional binge sessions of actually playing them.

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PC. ...Eventually. ...After I can spend about $600 in upgrades.