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I was interested; not "going to the theater" interested, but "I'll stream this on Netflix and maybe buy it on Blu-ray with some other things to fulfill the $35 for free shipping quota on Amazon" interested.

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Finally on winter break. I plan on spending it mostly on Dragon's Dogma and a few Metal Gear games.

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More time for me to get a new PC together.

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To soon. The ghoul faces are extremely amusing, but not everyone is as entertained by that as I am.

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At times with my laptop. Sometimes as a 19" 16:9 screen for what little gaming I can do with Intel 1000 graphics, and sometimes as a second and slightly bigger screen for video editing. And when I build my desktop, my TV will be a monitor for that until I can get one of those fancy 144Hz monitors.

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I haven't pre-ordered a game since Mercs 2. Not the game I was expecting, but the hat is still pretty badass.

Even so, it's more because I don't have as much excitement about games as I used to, not so much about per-order bonuses and stuff like that. Also, budgeting college student. I only allow myself to spend $20 on a game here or there.

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Dammit. I wanted free stuff.

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I just finished MGS2 for the first time last night. I wasn't really deep into games until I was 14 back in 04, so I didn't know anything about Metal Gear until playing the MGS3 demo and learning things about the series as the years went by and as more games came along. So when I learned about playing 90% of MGS2 as Raiden, I was probably indifferent towards it since I didn't have the reverence for Metal Gear as other people did. If anything as an outsider looking in at the time, I thought that Raiden was cooler than Snake, because Raiden used a sword, and I like swords, so I in turn would have been in the minority of people waiting for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance when it was just an idea.

For me, MGS2 is a fun game. I got through it just fine despite being spoiled by Subsistence's alternate camera and MGS4's updated controls, and actually playing through the story was much more interesting than just learning the story bits though various wiki pages, let's plays, speed runs and MGS4 calling back to those events. So I got a really big sense of accomplishment from finally finishing the game since I never got past the tanker when I first played the original version sometime in the late 2000s.

Since Metal Gear is my favorite gaming franchise of all time, I can't make a judgement call on what I think are the best and worst games of the series since I accept and appreciate the differences between each game and the themes they go for. But I'm willing to say that I like 3 the most because it's the game the got me aware of the series. Still, 2 is pretty awesome, despite Rose being annoying.

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Sure did.

I demand more Windjammers.